Monday, February 22, 2010

Iain Dale: Offensive, Bullying, Smearing, Angry, Libel Merchant

Above we see John Prescott urging voters to put their sweet lips to the 'phone and tell him what he wants to hear. Iain Dale, who is notoriously bad-tempered and a stone cyber-bully, meanwhile is smearing loveable Prezza. The Nation love him for twatting the idiot egg man. And we forgive him as does Pauline for his daft old man antics of yore. Prescott is a living legend. A devout campaigner. A robust opponent of the kind of camshamflimflam of Cameron and his hateful acolytes.

The message came down the line that I should bring my boxing gloves next time I saw John Prescott after this somethingly mixed post. But in reality he was all sweetness and light and I needn't have bothered bringing them or my head guard.

I'm wondering if Iain Dale will print my comment on his dull smearology HERE. Give his sockies something to get their teeth into and bully. As is their wont. Just in case he does not, they can do it here, with an added link:

Oh for goodness sake Iain. That Mail story's bought in revenge and also as it goes, did I mention, in the Mail too. What speculative rot it is.
Ms Temple did not make a complaint and did in fact slow down for long enough to be caught.
You are plainly and simply smearing Gordon Brown and John Prescott and you have no shame whatsoever.
You yourself are renowned for having paddies and losing it. In blog comments here and elsewhere included. Now aren't you?
Have you still got that Hitler picture up? The artist has removed it from their site. You know that? So it is only you - and your derivatives - smearing Brown with it at this moment.

Of course it was the Mail that lost their black shirts for publishing some earlier Iain Dale libels against Gordon Brown and Tom Watson. The latter engaging legally and getting handsome damages and costs. Iain Dale had been running round TV and radio studios all day the day before publication smearing Brown, Watson and Labour. Here's my take on his excuses.

He was told repeatedly that he was wrong that time too. The offensive visual and verbal libel is still cached as it appeared at the artist site. But also still live at Iain Dale's site HERE with Dale making irrelevant and indeed silly comparisons with the actually amusing Tractor Production Stalin from Beau Bo D'Or. We adapted the thing, adding green tractors, and used it here didn't we? Yes, we did.

It's the thought that counts Iain. Sidoli has realised that a hate driven and unreasonable image is a libel, whereas a gentle satire is fair comment and fun.


Anonymous said...

I cannot recall exactly how I upset Sir Iain but I do recall his insistent and repeated insult on his blog, he was utterly witless.

Now I didn't persist, but his intent to stand his ground, when it was his ground seemed rather pathetic to me.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, that's about right, he's a complete and utter Con.