Saturday, April 03, 2010

People's Posters: GOO as Chancellor is Actually No Laughing Matter

Via LabourList, tagged on to a selection of some (IMO better) PeoplesPosters.

To be honest though I think Labour would have done better to have selected some of the best from MyDavidCameron's three waves of People's Posters. There's still time.


alderney luxury villas said...

He has a bow tie. Did he put it on himself or is it a clip on?
That would be an important issue.

benchilltory said...


S.Wellings said...

There appears to be a dearth of antipathy for the Tories in minority groups like Muslims. Have you read the latest post on ?
I am not sure if they are so hot on Labour any more though.

S.Wellings said...

Sorry, forgot the link,-

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