Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dave Clegg-Nick Cam: Replying, we / sing .. As / one indi- / -vidual

Some will no doubt think of Tweedledum and Tweedledee when they see the twin-dressed Nick and Dave performance at their twin lectra today. For me though, it brought to mind a school production of around 1971. Gilbert and Sullivan's Gondoliers. In which - believe me or believe me not - your blogger played the flirtatious Venetian peasant girl - the contadina of love if you like - Fiametta. Really.

Our cast I think performed this little number rather better than these brash Americans. But you can sing along with them if you wish, using the libretto extract provided below.

How long with Dave put up with having an evil doppleganger and echo tagging along? Dividing the glory by two at the very least. If not actually stealing the show. Vittoria and Giulia soon learnt their lesson on that one I can tell you.

Gondoliers MARCO and GIUSEPPE

Replying, we / sing

As / one indi- / -vidual,

As I / find I'm a / King,

To my / kingdom I / bid you all.

I'm a- / -ware you ob- / -ject

To pa- / -vilions and / palaces,

But you'll / find I re- / -spect

Your Re- / -publican / fallacies.

You'll / find I re- / -spect

Your Re- / -publican / fallacies.

UPDATE Thu 10:42: Lakelander goes for the Bring Me Sunshine, Morecombe and Wise option. Laurel and Hardy may be next stop if Cleggy keeps up with the comedy custard pies. We're all shandy drinkers now.


Anonymous said...

Bring Me Sunshine

Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...

Wholly unfair. Nick Cameron and David Clegg are like chalk and calcite.

Anonymous said...

More like Dick and Head!

Al the Greengrocer said...

Let them get into bed together. Frankly, other than an outright Labour victory, this is the second best result Labour could have had. Any progressive/centre-left voter that voted for the Fib Dems will now realise that Labour is the only game in town. Yes, they'll have a bit of a media honeymoon, but soon those big cuts in public services will start to be made and the Lib Dems will be caught out by their election promises. How can people like Leech defend cuts in the NHS? And let us not forget Europe - its only a matter of time before that issue hits the buffers. This coalition will last about 2 years - just enough time for Labour to regroup, rebuild and come back under a new leader. It finally gives us a golden opportunity to wipe the Lib Dems off the face of the planet and consign them to the ash pile of history where the mendacious bastards so clearly belong!

Chris Paul said...

They're not liking the Condemnation tag they've been given by the feral harlots of the Daily Mirror. LOL like the suggestion that they take the word "Conservative" from Conservative Party and "Party" from Liberal Democrat Party .. "Conservative Party". Ah yes.