Friday, May 14, 2010

John Healey MP: Blueprint for Singing those Liberal Democrat Blues

Well. That's direct. Former Minister John Healey MP has blogged at Labour Home with artwork for a double-sided single-colour leaflet pointing out the oh so obvious about those born slippy Liberal Democrats.

OK, we accept that the progressive anti-Tory alliance was always going to be difficult. Of course we do. We were probably just a few seats off that. But clearly Lib Dems ought to have given Dave Cameron a cheery wave and wished him well as he battled on for six to twelve months with a minority government.

Five cabinet salaries and five Rt Hons - right on; 15 more ministerial salaries - right on; some shiny Jaguars and assorted previously loved motors - right on; a magic spell in government - right on. There are some plus points of course. Will blog anon. Way better than unmediated Tory evil, I'll make no bones about it.

But this was and is a case of 40 pieces of silver to betray the Lib Dem electorate, muddled and mixed as it can be, many making tactical anti-Tory and poorly calibrated pro-Progressive votes, and the anti-Tory majority in this country as a whole.

Direct Downloads: Page One and Page Two, or click to enlarge.

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