Friday, July 09, 2010

(Probably) Lies About Nadine Dorries: 1. Going Into Big Brother

Nadine Dorries Mum-P is to be the "award-winning business woman" entering the Big Brother House, **LIVE**, in a space ship, along with two other entryists in about 15 minutes time. She has been given leave of absence from all her many and diverse parliamentary duties, says David Cameron: "For as long as it takes, she has my blessing". She will donate the sub-rental income from her main home - a picturesque bijou Cotswolds love-nest - to an unnamed charitable cause.

Or it might be these three mightn't it?


Anonymous said...

"Big Bother" seems more likely.

benchilltory said...

"misogyny"seems more likely

Chris Paul said...

Excuse me? are you crazy? It's about time we had a real identity for Benchilltory if you're goingto post spurious idiocy.

Suggestion: Get a Blogger or Open ID and use it for anything you are proud of. Don't bother for anything snide and shitty and underhand.