Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Rochdale Gets Better, Mrs Duffy Blesses Office and Joins Party

As the Press association are now reporting, just four or five hours after LOL's exclusive, Mrs Gillian Duffy was indeed the guest of honour at the grand opening of Simon Danczuk MP's constituency office on St Mary's Gate, bang in the middle of the town.

What the Press Association haven't got is the news that Mrs Duffy has also shown the good people of Rochdale the way and signed on the dotted line as a party member. 10,000 a month cannot be wrong.

Quite a change from the scrappy and uninviting twilight zone office of the disgraceful loser Paul Rowen and his disgraceful team of smearologists. Unlike Danczuk's cool grey shop front Rowen's HQ was daubed in Lib Dem livery.

We're told it was an open secret in the town that known supporters of other parties historically got short shrift in the yellowing decay - a lesson learnt at the great knee of old Sir Cyril Smith himself. Meanwhile - as the needy but non Lib Dem were turned away, Cyril even once ditched a man threatened with immediate deportation when he found he had voted Labour - tax payer funded workers like the disgraceful former parliamentary agent Dave Hennigan (below) helped themselves to kebab, vodka, bed and breakfast.

Big problem for townsfolk these days is that Rowen's office - owned by a Lib Dem controlled company yet rented in a rather contrived way to MP, Party, PrintCo, "Trust", Landlord, Group - still bears the legend "MP" after the loser's name.

There is talk in the streets of Milkstone and Deeplish of a Saddam-like "Rowen Toppling" ceremony. Some have him tracked to a rat hole under some dark stone, more likely some lonely pub snug I'd have thought, being dragged out blinking and humming and steaming, and facing the music over crimes of misrepresentation. Watch this space. There is also a rumour gathering steam in the town that Godfather Sir Cyril Smith MBE is planning to have the last laugh by throwing his weight behind a favoured godson and comedy councillor as the Liberal Democrats' next losing PPC in the seat.


Anonymous said...

What strikes me most about this story is the comments made by Simon Danczuk in today's Independent. He's absolutely spot on and I wish other new Labour MPs would take note.

"Mr Danczuk said local political grandees are usually invited to open new MP's offices, their names engraved on the brass plaques for posterity.

Instead, for a party that came to be seen by many Labour voters as too London-centric, distant and out of touch, the new MP decided his office should be opened by a genuine voice of Rochdale.

"They are straight talking, not slow in coming forward and say what the issues are that needs dealing with," he said.

"Local residents are the key to politics and politicians.

"To have a local resident like Gillian, a well known local resident, I think she is the ideal person, I think it makes complete sense."

Anonymous said...

Mrs Bigot could spare a few hours to pop over from her villa in Spain then could she?

Paul Rowen said...

Bloody Ukranians, coming over here taking our jobs ..

Cllr Dale Cricket said...

I will have nothing said about Paul Rowen the last MP for Rochdale. His contribution to party funds, soft fruit and the refurbishment of 142a/144 Drake Street were very much appreciated.

Paul will be the first to acknowledge that now is the time to hand over the Rochdale Lib Dem spanking mean baton to someone younger and better connected with my godfather Cyril Smith and the comedy circuit.

Also, DVDs of my dad's latest comic routines are available to buy.

Who says real men can't multitask - deputy Leader of Rochdale Council, upcoming PPC for Rochdale and comedy representative cum legal advisor to James Cricket Esq.

Two Hats said...

Has Paul Rowen changed his name by deed poll to "Paul Rowen MP"?

There is a big sign up still up on 142a/144 Drake Street proclaiming he is a member.

It needs a polish to get the last 2 letters off it the deviant sign.

Or has Piss poor Paul been out fettling in East Africa and doing humanitarian type things in orphanages and Rotary Club lounges?

Anonymous said...

"fettling"? It's surely that sign not East Africa that needs re-fettling.

Rochdale Rapper said...

God forbid that Paul Rowen has been fettling in East Africa.

With Terry Mason, the Jungmayrs and the Kampala Rotary Club for charidee?

Rochdale "Liberals" have form for visiting the institutional homes of vulnerable youths. Was Cyril Smith very keen to make late night visits to Cambridge House, Scott House and Dobroyd Castle? Are these a few places where there have been serious allegations of fettling?

Get Real said...

Dobroyd Castle near Todmorden was an Approved School for boys in the 1950s and 60s. Is this where naughty boys were punished in the quiant customs allowed at the time?

Is Rochdale Rapper suggesting that Cyril Smith travelled to the school at night to "fettle" some of the inmates in the same manner as Cyril's furtive trips to Cambridge House boys' hostel - as reported by Rochdale Alternative Paper in 1979?

Todmorden neigbours Rochdale. It would have been a short drive for a grossly obsese man in a Mercedes to make the trip. Or did Cyril's brother, "gormless Norman" (MBE) drive him over.

The Cambridge House criminal investigations were allegedly handled by Rochdale town police in the late 1960s (transferred to Lancashire Constabulary in Preston). Where the files transfered to Special Branch before the 1974 local government re-organisation that created Greater Manchester and GMP?

Have any allegations of sexual abuse ever be made by the former inmates of Dobroyd Castle? Todmorden is now in West Yorkshire. Do the neigbouring GMP/WY police forces liaise on information or would such investigations be a matter for SOCA?

Soul Searcher said...

Scott House?
Don't you mean Knowl View?

Methinks there has been confusion with Cambridge House (full of young scottish lads in the early 1960's) and Scott Trust (full of old, protective "Liberals")?

David Alton has turned the other cheek/a blind eye in his tribute to Cyril Smith pubished in the Independent Catholic News. There is specific mention of the Rochdale Alternative Press in the form of a loose political slur - yet tellingly there is no mention or expression of regret of allegations of sex abuse.

His Lordship mused:

"Throughout his life Cyril was always in the eye of the storm – and often on the receiving end of vituperative attacks from the Left – not least from The Rochdale Alternative Press".


A clever word. Blistering, critical, scalding criticism - but no mention of the RAP investigation, publshed in 1979, ever being anything but true.

David Alton is respected my many. He should look into his conscience.

Anonymous said...

In his tribute to Cyril Smith, David Alton wrote:

"...Sometimes his willingness to fight for a local company or for a Lancashire-based industry – the asbestos industry, for instance - blinded him to the negative and even harmful side of their activities, and led to public controversy. But Cyril was an honest man and when he made mistakes, as we all do, he was man enough to admit it."

Cyril Smith NEVER admitted his terrible mistake. He remained unrepentant and agressive in his defence of Turner & Newall's asbestos.

In 2008 he was brazen on MMB North West Tonight's news programe.

He suggested that those concerned about asbestos are scaremongers, that ordinary members of the public have never been harmed by asbestos and that those who worked at Turners knew the risks and could have left if they wanted.

Kind people are right to say that there should be no speaking ill of the dead.

But Cyril Smith insulted the dead - the countless victims of asbestos disease caused by a factory and product that he actively lobbied for and owned shares in.


Lord Alton is repsected as a committed christian and seen by many as a reasonable man. Please can he correct his suggestion that Cyril Smith admitted he had been wrong about asbestos.

Cyril Smith - Governor of Knowl View School said...

Pervert teacher who preyed on children

Yorkshire Evening Post

Published Date: 20 September 2002

"...[David] Higgins was arrested again last April after two former pupils at his old school plucked up the courage to tell police of sexual abuse ordeals around 30 years ago.
Both were between nine and 11 when they were assaulted at the former council-run Knowl View residential school in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.
Higgins worked and lived at the school – whose ex-governors include former Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith – and was regarded as a father figure to the boys who came from troubled backgrounds.
He gained their trust and invited them to his rooms before abusing them. One of the brave pals reported the abuse to the deputy head, but tragically was slapped and told "don't talk about teachers in that way."
Both lads kept their ordeal secret until the launch of Operation Cleopatra – Greater Manchester Police's biggest ever investigation into child abuse in residential homes which began in 1997"