Thursday, August 12, 2010

Read My Lips: Martha and the Muffins, Lip Synching, Lib Sinking

Posted for two reasons. First, there is a 30-year anniversary "cover" by M&TM due very shortly, along with a fan competition we'll be covering. Second, we think this may be the all time worst ever example of Lip Synching, or to be fair video synchronisation as the singing was live, ever ever in the history of video killing the radio star.

On the second point we found a wry smile forming as we realised how poetically close "Lip Synching" is to "Lib Sinking" and indeed what fortunate happenstance this is.

Lib Dem politicians serving in the ConDem coalition government and on the back benches are moving their lips right enough. But the noise coming out of them is so untrue to their supposed nature and their pie crust promises that they are indeed Lib sinking very badly indeed.

It is coming to something is it not when properly conducted opinion polls show that some 40% of Lib Dem voters in 2010 have no intention of going there again, ever. In local government terms in Manchester this means that wards with four-figure Lib Dem majorities are very much in play for 2011.

Wipe out beckons for ill served Clegg's grass roots. Old Swahili proverb" "When the elephants battle it is the grass which gets crushed".

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