Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guido Fawkes: The Liar is Doing The Sting to His Own Loyal Co-Conspirators

Should Guido Fawkes be re-executed for revealling his
secret sources on live TV without showing his smirking
face and scruffy rugger shirt to the camera?
Yes, by the traditional method(s)
Yes, on George Galloway's Tower Hamlets bonfire
Yes, by crushing as Saint Margaret Clitheroe of York
Yes, at the hands of the Demon Headmaster
Yes, as by all accounts he is a liar and a cheat
No, Guido 'GuF' Fawkes is NOT a disgrace to bloggerdom
Yes, after the modern fashion of the beheading by slipknot
Yes, by 1000 cuts of Lord Paxman's sharp tongue free polls
The renowned liar Guido Fawkes who has already recorded a segment for tonight's Newsnight AND an interview with Paxo as revealled by Squire Dale and by HIMSELF.
Should Guido go on Newsnight this evening and have a go at Paxman and Sir Michael White?
No. You'll be doing Richard and Judy next.
Yes. Go for 'em.

He has put a poll on his dastardly site asking his readers whether he should take up the invitation or not.

And you thought Blue Peter were bad? More anon on that last one. See the Guido segment HERE.

And go to your bookies now and see if you can get £1,000 on Paxman to tell Guido to his face but not quite live that what he's saying is bollocks.


Anonymous said...

You idiot.

Recorded segment is followed by live panel discussion

Chris Paul said...


I know that is the usual way. But I don't believe a word the liar and wretch Fawkes says these days and Newsnight do do some recorded interviews - do they not?

Why would they risk letting him on live at that hour? The Traitorous and disreputable rascal.

Best w

Chris P

jailhouselawyer said...

Guido Fawkes lied and was caught out lying, and threw Nick Robinson to the wolves when his house was being blown down.

Admittedly, Michael White was also caught out in a lie by Guido, which was silly of Michael White.

I note that Nick Robinson states that he accepts Guido's apology. But goes onto say that Guido is untrustworthy.

If you're in politics or close to politics and you get a juicy story but want to remain unsourced do you tell it to Guido?

Chris Paul said...

Absolutely not. But if you have something that doesn't quite stack up but which might if some dozy and unsue-able blogger worried at it for a while AND you could keep anonymity then you would use that route. Ideal for disreputable spin masters and mainstream hacks trying to make rather than cover stories.

But as Guido clearly realises, though his words got twisted when he was saying "that's for me to know" he actually IS quite sue-able. His wiki talks of "making his fortune" in the city. And raves and events were and still are excellent cash businesses.

jailhouselawyer said...

I, on the other hand, am not worth suing. In law "a man of straw". Not worth any money, therefore pointless pursuing. However, it does not mean that a man of straw is in a weak position, it is this that gives him the strength.

I have noted a visit to my site by Clifford Chance the law firm. I have some unfinished business with them to settle and the OU.

Chris Paul said...

I have had a few lawyers on mine also. Around the time of the Lib Dem PR catastrophe ... but worse I've had a Lib Dem Deputy on claiming that I posted some knocking copy about their latest lazy councillor while knowing that one of our own councillors had just died. I didn't know. And I'm not sure of the protocol even if I had known. I am not bound by any football-in-no-man's-land, skulls for goalposts romance as I am strictly independent of party ... and nothing I said was untrue or not fair comment anyway. He is and always has been a lazy carpetbagger with high ambitions. Needs to be stopped IMO. Along with the one protecting him.

Anonymous said...

Actually I noticed myself that your post was/is incredibly cleverly worded as it is a fact that Paxo is interviewed in the already recorded piece. And that Guido is doing a poll on whether he should go and humiliate the old guard. Ha ha ha.