Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Labour of Love Stats: On The Up And Up

Last week: Record visits in one day 398

Daily average, last five days: 375

Total for week: 2,200

Page impressions: towards 5,000

Upward curve: Steep

Adverts: What do readers think?

Graphic: After via Suzanne's On The Knocker

Forward plans: Some minor redesigns to give wider format - next two weeks. Displaying less days on face of blog - under consideration. Blogroll - reviewed today. Withington Menu - rationalised today. Sister and Brother blogs - under development. Rejoined NUJ - form posted (GPMU too). More polls - likely. More looky-likies - you bet. More anon - every time.


jailhouselawyer said...

You could always give it a makeover. I did hear a rumour, gossip, tittle tattle, that the over paid Milliblog assistant has revamped Guido's blog on the qt...

Chris Paul said...

That could be £100 I suggested to "Guido's favourite charity" in compensation ...