Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Humble Pie: LOL was Wrong, The Liar Guido Fawkes Did Newsnight Live After All

But the self-made obsessive red herring and wild goose chaser (not to mention canny blogmeister businessman and former summer of love rave billionaire and city boy trillionaire) did in fact get hung, drawn and quartered by Michael White.

Michael knew exactly who Paul Staines was. he had seen him before being scruffy and disreputable. And he regarded GuF rather like something whiffy that had messed up his Hush Puppies.

Guido (pleadingly): "But I do break stories"
Michael (confidently): "Like what?"
G (cockily): "Like the second email system at No 10"
M: "But there isn't one. That was wrong."
G: "I got it from Nick Robinson"
M: "Really, where did he get it from?"

No love lost then. Truth is GuF is a purveyor of gossip, obsessive compulsive non-stories, but nonetheless a fantastic web business. Get the Tee. Buy the Book. But for goodness sake: Don't Believe The "News"! It's often Rot. Guido is a Liar and he doesn't care much as he having fun and making a good bit of cash. Perhaps he'll have the last laugh.

MEANWHILE: Apologies, Guido did do Newsnight live. They probably refused his suggestion of tricking it! But my ridiculous kite was of course way off the straight and narrow. Lying like Guido ... I can handle it.


jailhouselawyer said...

What a prat. Revealing his source. My stats have gone bonkers looking for the publish and be damned piece I did on him when he threated other bloggers with a law suit. I said bring it on.

Chris Paul said...

Excellent! As you say, bring it on. He's an idiot and a liar. As soon as people realise he is actually quite rich and that GuF Order-Order is worth a bit too they'll start whacking him. Bring it on.

jailhouselawyer said...

Guido's gone off in a huff and started deleting comments left , right and centre. Even I knew who his source was, now he is trying a damage limitation exercise. It reminds me of the Prison Service after a damaging report.

Chris Paul said...

Marvellous. He's not only a liar, he's a bit of a fool too. I'll change my survey later to reflect that. Keep the old votes, few as they are though, this is a self-serving blog survey after all.

susan press said...

I nearly fell off my chair when he revealed his source as Nick Robinson !
Surely he can afford NCTJ training????????
Looks like he's cooked goose well and truly.

Chris Paul said...

I think Nick Robinson probably has done his NCTJ training but he is after all a Tory and so all the training in the world wouldn't stop him making mischief with gullible, hungry for gossip, lying and careless Tory bloggers ...

I've had some mischievious agents and supporters doing the same to me and apart from filtering out the worst of their cant and misinformation I've had to apologise twice too often for publishing their hot stories. I'm learning.

Oh, you mean Guido? GuF's too big and clever for training. He is training us. To be in his likeness. Running ficts as facts. No fict-checking to speak of. Great runs of activity followed by drunken weekends of self-satisfied merchandise posting.

What an embarrassment to bloggerdom!

jailhouselawyer said...

Guido regrets: It is interesting to note that all the comments he is allowing through either sympathise or support him. A one sided Libertarian now that is a first. I also note that he is trying the best from of defence is attack, ie, attacking Miliband again. He's lost sight of the enemy. Anyway, it's a bit too late to try the attack is the best form of defence when he has been slapped from pillar to post by a couple of professionals.

Chris Paul said...

Actually he did eventually allow one of mine - linking to my quiz - but it is VERY quiet over there today. Ghost town. I'm still on a self-imposed 12 Hours down tools on the face of the blog for one of our Cllrs Eric Hobin who died yesterday.