Sunday, April 29, 2007

Burnage, Manchester: Claims to Fame

French Aviator Louis Paulhan won £10,000 from The Daily Mail 97 years ago yesterday (when this picture was taken) by flying from London to Manchester in about 12 hours.

In 1906 when the prize was put up plane journeys were measured in feet and inches.

Paulhan Road also got the benefit of Frank Duffy leaflets to celebrate the anniversary and Paulhan's wiki site was upgraded. Burnage at the centre of history.

GENEALOGICAL TRIVIA: Dad insists the family name Paul comes from a French forebear. Any resemblance?


jailhouselawyer said...

Hmmmmh? Are you sure that that the photo was taken 97 years ago? Was the blue wall plate up then? It looks more recent.

Chris Paul said...

Yesterday, not yesteryear. The house wasn't there either as it would then have been an in memoriam plaque instead.