Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Brother Falsies: Will Charley Lose Her Rag?

This has been "Fake" week on Big Brother. They are about to chuck out Charley, give her the usual exit interview, showing her what others have said about her etc, let her have a rant, let the housemates watch it all, then stick her back in. Marvellous.

The housemates have been quite warm and guessing that something is going to be "Fake" about the eviction, but they've not nailed it. Or have they? SWP Carole is closest. Will Charley lose it? Strangely enough I think she might be magnanimous even without knowing she's being watched or headed back in.

The tightest thing will be that the crowd have been sworn to greet her with silence. Weird stuff. An excellent Big Brother this time. The new taboo N word by the way is ... Nomination. Not the one Emily (left) addressed Charley (right) with.

UPDATE: By her standards she did keep her temper. Now she's back in. I predict the expected fireworks will disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that Emily Nigga girl a hard-drinking, scarcely thinking, Tory wannabe? A kind of Nadine "Clear off you damned thieving Gypos" Dorries for the next generation?