Friday, July 13, 2007

Lord Konrad Black: Going Down for 35 Years?

Wargamer LKB is certainly going to be doing some time. What a damned shame! Tory Toffs have it seems removed the whip from this dirty criminal. They should apply the whip more.

He says he is appealling. But I really don't think so.

C4 News has wheeled out some idiot apparently pleading for clemency. But I realise that that "idiot" is in fact not one at all. Just seems to have a bit of a soft spot for his victims. It's Tom Bower, an author who has done Brown, Fayed, the FA, as well as the Black/Amiel complex at least twice ... so far. This is a good spot, but only come true recently:
"In America unlike in England if you perpetrate fraud you get caught and convicted."*

And this linking Black to Maxwell (two cheeks of the same arse as the conspicuous non-arse George Galloway might say) is not bad:
"They get rich because they break all the rules."

Clearly, despite his taste in fancy dress, Mr Black must not be confused with the often heroic Cardinal Sin. Known for his ready wit, he once said of the corruption which persisted after Ferdinand Marcos was ousted:

"We got rid of Ali Baba
but the 40 thieves remained."
Well, Lord Black at least is now banished from those Tory benches ...

* Can we expect a Blair/Levy book from this other TB?

MUSIC TRIVIA: Haven't ever met Black. Don't move in those circles. But the bloated plutocrat and soon-suicide Lord Maxwell is another matter. He was the warm up act on a Jonathan Ross Radio Show from Ronnie Scott's for my band Distant Cousins. Bobby, Jonny and Ronnie all liked them.

It was at another sold out gig at the place that the NME dubbed them "Jazz Folk", iD or the like called it "Flick Knife Meccano Funk" or similar. And despite Doreen's beautiful brown eyes, beautiful brown face and beautiful brown everything "Blue Eyed Soul" wasn't unknown. What idiots we have writing our music papers!

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