Friday, July 06, 2007

Cllr John Leech MP: What is His Hoax Count Up To?

Clearly the Iraq War, and Top Fees, indulgent protest miscalibration, Tory capitulation, apparent overspending, misery and fibs, and sheer pavement pounding effort contributed to Cllr John Leech or FUDGE's surprise 2005 victory in Manchester Withington.

But the jewel in the crown of the Lib Dem campaign was an unrebutted and Horrendous Hospital Hoax. How many more hoaxes and low tricks has Cllr Two Jobs perpetrated?

MEANWHILE: Cllr Chas Glover and Cllr Fudge McLeech are still strangely silent on their cheeky charge sheet.


Anonymous said...

The LibDems simple do not know how to tell the truth, when you look at the Hon member for Withington's details on the LibDem national website it says about honest John

"John Leech entered Parliament at his first attempt in 2001, gaining this seat from the Labour Party. He has been reselected to stand here at the next general election."

Anonymous said...

Gosh, bit of a bitter critter aren't you Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Hello Allan: Bitter? How do you mean bitter? Ah, you're buying! excellent. Yes, bitter will do nicely.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the Manchester Lib Dems honesty quotient which is extraordinarily low. Leech's team is careless and/or couldn't-care-less about the truth.

Better for Lib Dems to be incompetent? Or utterly dishonest on purpose? I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Anyway Chris, don't get mad, get even.

I'll give you a start on some Man Wit Lib Dem or John Leech hoaxes and distortions:

Before election:

(i) Man City/Foe graffiti lies
(ii) Ovarian cancer distortions
(iii) Christie Hospital Closure Hoax
(this one has several sub-hoaxes)
(iv) Election expenses debacle

After Election

(a) Southern Cemetary Closure Hoax
(again with some sub-hoaxes)
(b) Registered charities can't be companies
(c) Chorlton Hospital - continued bleatings
(d) Post Office - statement in parliament. Utterly unresearched or deliberately misleading.
(e) Two jobs scandal

I'm sure there are more. My guess looking at the SMR letters is that you've hit on proof that the Lib Dems are pulling people's legs over MLG?

Anonymous said...

Don't think Leech is a one off.Here's St Helens North's three time parliamentry Lib Dem candidate

Hospital denies Beirne charge

HOSPITAL chiefs have vigorously denied claims from a Lib Dem councillor that elderly patients may be forced into nursing homes, when a hospital ward relocates.

John Beirne claims that the St Helens and Knowsley Hospital Trust are ripping the heart out of a local hospital with news that the Bishop Ward in St Helens, which cares for elderly patients, is to relocate.

Cllr Beirne, who represents the town centre ward, claimed that the decision to "close" Bishop Ward has been reached with no consultation with staff and patients.

He added: "It could mean patients going into nursing homes and the beds will not be replaced after the refurbishment. The treatment of staff and patients is disgraceful!"

But a trust spokesperson responded: "The £338m redevelopment programme will provide the residents of St Helens, Knowsley and Halton with two brand new, modern hospitals. Throughout this vast building project, it is inevitable that wards and departments will change location throughout the interim period.

Throughout this vast building project, it is inevitable that wards and departments will change location throughout the interim period.
Trust spokesperson

"It is our intention to cause the least disruption as possible to patients and services. The transfer of this area is the first phase of re-providing the services while the new hospitals are being built.

"Patients will not be transferred to nursing homes as a result of these changes."

Anonymous said...

Chris, how do you think Ed Balls can be Secretary of State for Schools when he went to a private school. Disgusting, isn't it?

Chris Paul said...

Let's hope that John Leech is never called on to take an Education portfolio as he went to private school too, until they threw him out, though actually I didn't know that Balls had gone private. Can you provide the details?

Even though this is way off topic now isn't it?

Give us the answers to the hoax list or the other charge sheet referred to and stop changing the subject when you're stuck.

Anonymous said...

When scarlet pimpernel listed Chorlton Hospital in the post-election hoax list did they mean Christies? No link so can't find their site, except for an old dormant one.

Anonymous said...

Ed Balls went To the fee paying Nottingham high school-Yet another nasty little Socialist Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Surely the test is where he sent his own kids.
Not where he was sent by his parents.

Chris Paul said...

Have to agree with Miles on that Perv. Anyway it's off topic and nothing whatsoever to do with John Leech's Lib Dem team's hoaxes and charge sheet.

Assuming you are a Lib Dem you would impress the crowd more by tackling the matter at hand than tossing stones at Ed Balls' parents.