Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sock Puppets and Trolls: Doncha Just Love Them?

Yesterday (with an hour's grace either end), and despite a busy day's work, LOL blogged :

COCOA TIME EXCLUSIVE: Dale and Times Wrong on Defectives
EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems Sedgefield Agent in Coma
COMMENT: Lord Black Going Down
ENTERTAINMENT: Big Brother banter
EXCLUSIVE TRAIL: Signposting more to come on Times/Dale mistakes
EXCLUSIVE: "Defectives" via National Front "Total Democracy" spin off
COCOA TIME: Karen Taylor and Catherine Tate

The occasional - seven posts this month - right wing mindless froth blogger and long time troll/sock puppet making mischief with idle hands Diablo, commented on the cocoa froth:

So, that's the point of Chris Paul? "The unbearable lightness of being."
Just about sums it up, I think.
Thanks Chris

No, thank YOU Diablo. You have a fair point, well made.

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