Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gross Functional Overlay: Tory Hissy Writ in Court?

G.F.O. is a small piece of the Medical Profession's internal argot. Scribbled on notes it tells other medics that the patient may be laying it on very thick indeed. Hardly intelligible even when the words are given in full.

Well, when the sainted nay tainted Tory campaign manager Grant '1234' Schweppes threatens to sue a party he claims are well beaten that's also the thick end of G.F.O. politics. Especially since Mr Schweppes seems to have been caught playing a few tricks on them himself.

The Lib Dem sin is apparently reproducing a photo of Tony Lit. It would be laughed out of court. Finding out who Nigel Bakhai actually is or why he's virtually the only person on the planet with his job title would be more useful.

Ming and his friends should tell him to G.T.F. with his G.F.O.

There will clearly be no court case. This is just a pathetic attempt to interfere with the LD campaign.

Also worth noting that the Tories have brilliantly come up with the idea of apeing Focus. Very novel.

The Polls, that Iain sadly is no longer reporting on his blog, are great for Gordon and desperate for Dave-id.


Anonymous said...

crap complaint we can all agree, however, I've never knows the Lib Dems print the picture of an opposition candidate in their leaflets before unless he/she is being shown with another person who may be an embarrassment.Rather Odd...

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. So have the Lib Dems and Tories twinned the two seats and Tories are "throwing" Sedgefield and Lib Dems Ealing Southall?

Are they about to announce the big tactical swap of the century?

And as so many have PVs haven't they missed the boat on that?