Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cramming for Finals: Respect-SWP Schism Crib Sheet

Those cramming for their finals in Respect-SWP Schism 2007 may care to read this post and comments. But as I've read it, you don't have to. Liam is not a supporter of the SWP in this matter.

UPDATE 08:05 Weds: Miles has donned rose-tinted spectacles. He reckons Peace Has Broken Out.


Anonymous said...

Peace breaks out in Manchester Respect
see http://action-without-theory.blogspot.com/2007/11/peace-love-and-respect_06.html

Chris Paul said...

Have stuck a link on the post. But far-fetched.

Respect is I think pretty much done for. Even in Manchester the history is of the SWP tail wagging the dog by packing meetings and caucusing. The example of standing only one candidate city wide in the locals 06 is an outstanding one.

Excellent campaigners on both sides but electorally surely a complete waste of space?

Despite the comments from one or two SWP supporters at Liam's blog the idea that it was SWP organisation and discipline that delivered Bethnal Green and Bow for Galloway is self-deluding.

Perhaps their troops led on the leg work. But then again perhaps not.

It is quite likely the case however that SWP troop movements delivered for the BNP in a Burnley seat and for the Tories in Harlow.

Anonymous said...

ChrisThanks for link.
My post is reporting - not interpreting.
I understand Respect plans to stand in more seats in Manchester in 2008.
Cheetham Hill was mentioned last night.
Had Gordon called his snap election they would have stood in Gorton - and Blackley and Broughton. That's two parliamentary seats for out of towners.

Chris Paul said...

You might re-read your "reporting" again my friend. Extremely interpretative on my reading and we-can-patch-things-up I'd say from the tagline to the /ends. The SWP S brigade told me very recently at the point of Gordon's do or die weekend that it was Gorton only. Which is interesting don't you think?

Clearly Blackley etc for an anticipated BNP challenge. I'd say there would be a danger of DRIVING that vote in that particular constituency. At least half of the BNP vote in Higher Blackley seemed to be derived from customary non-voters and doubling the amount of literature with the letters BNP on it through doors could be construed as advertising for them.

They would be better to back Labour to the hilt - or anyone but BNP - than risk doing that in my opinion. There is a naivity about electoral politics and that was shown for example in their maths at the last European elections.

Anonymous said...

Re Gordon's non-election I have been told different things by different Respect people.
There was a dispute over whether to stand just in Gorton which never had to be resolved.
I'm thinking they would have run in both to keep the peace.
Which would have meant challenging the only Manchester Labour MP who didn't back Brown (Stringer).

Your assumptions about my interpretation of the meeting are so inaccurate that I am very proud of my ability to report independently!

Chris Paul said...

What are you on about you biased old wazzock you? The whole report is about peace breaking out. And that's crap!

Most of the SWP Respectees WERE NOT at George's do, fact. Peace has not broken out, FACT.

The sides have agreed that they are irreconcilable and the only deal to be done is the one about saving of face and financial disambiguation.

Michael may have rightly IMV decided that George's shard makes more sense electorally than Rees and co. That is interesting. But it's still war.