Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nadine Dorries MP: Blogs On ACID Don't Ya Know

Nadine Dorries MP has started a post on her blog about comforting other people who have lost loved ones. After a few short clauses describing a troubled empathy she has switched to "me me me". Coming out as a divorcee (it's about time Nads) and explaining - with graphic insults - how other women feel the need to cling to their distinctly sub-standard husbands when she is about as a single woman. It's here or thereabouts.

Nad's blog is technically absolutely hopeless. It has no permalinks. Navigation in the archive is poor despite the strange device of a clickable calendar. It has no comments at the moment. But when it did there was no telling whether a comment was registered. Nadine has apparently been bleating on other people's blogs about getting 40 repeats of the same comment. That Nads is because your blog was so useless technically.

The link incidentally is Tim Ireland defending himself against smears which seem to have spread from the Tory Boy Bloggers to the Tory Girls. Leave them Tim, they're not worth it.

I digress. The whole thing is "On ACID", sorry "On ACIDity" whose own clients page (above) is a right royal mess in many common browsers. I've tested it in Firefox, Safari, Navigator. As a Maccie I don't use MS Internet Explorer as they've stopped upgrading it. Ms Dorries' Constituency Site has also featured some frights (right) though it looks as if she's slipped right over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Worst of all she just blogs vaccuous rubbish all day everyday ... but a blog with no comments is an anti-blog.

Ted Foan said...

Anonymous (07/11/07)said...
"Worst of all she just blogs vaccuous rubbish all day everyday ... but a blog with no comments is an anti-blog."

Anonymous - was your comment inspired by reading Chris's blog day after day?

I promised myself a few months ago I would not read his non-blog a few months ago as it was just a waste of space. But, strangely, I get drawn back every few days to see what inane, obscure and completely unintelligible comments he has made.

It must be the same instinct that overcomes people as they slow down to pass a crash on the motorway.

It's ghoulish, isn't it? I feel dirty for doing it but at the same time I some kind of rush to see there are no comments. Occasionally, I get a bit of a high because "Miles" has said something. My favourite was when he told Chris "Leave him, Chris. He's not worth it" A classic!

But most of the traffic on his comments is from .... Chris. That has to tell you something.

And whatever happened to the great "Flying Lion" story? And all those friends that Chris made as a result? Another one bit the dust!

So, Chris, it is with no regret that I will eschew your site from now on. I will not miss all your Lib-Demologists, Tory-Boy, Dave-id references nor the vaccuous nonsense that you churn out by the hour.


Chris Paul said...

Goodbye! Nadine's blog is absolute self-serving and often hateful crap. She is an MP. Goodness how she has been put in that position. A professional representative and communicator serving up vacuous rubbish..

If poor little me doesn't match up to this hilariously low standard in your eyes? So be it, amen and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Flying Lion is still bubbling under with occasional outbursts in the mass media. We'll see shall we?