Monday, November 12, 2007

Guido Fawkes: Is He Matching Cameron for Mendacity?

Guido has nothing on the debunking of Cameron's deeply inaccurate, even mendacious rape statistics by Channel 4 Factcheck. But he appears to be claiming that Blair's staff and office and other costs are supported to the tune of £400,000 by the British Taxpayer.

Blair is Getting £400,000 a Year in Expenses Just a teensy bit of help with office costs at the expense of the British taxpayer. Well he has two offices, one in Jerusalem and another in Mayfair.

Looks like G's just following the example of mendacity set by Dave and George. Clearly as Mr GuF knows only too well Blair's expenses re his Middle East Envoy role are largely if not fully being met by his employers, clearly Mr Blair's commercial activities are washing their own face expenses wise, and clearly Guido is jealous.

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