Thursday, November 01, 2007

Luke Akehurst: Graciously Blesses Protests, But Wrong

Luke Claims that: a state visit does not imply endorsement. He's wrong of course. Swallowing some trading and strategic contact with a geopolitically important tyrant is a stretch anyway. We should be weaning ourselves off oil and the world off arms not locking in another generation.

These Saudi despots have not earned any breaks and giving them a state visit - even fanfared with Darth Vader's Imperial March - has been not only disgraceful but also unnecessary.

PARALLEL UNIVERSE: On the left the view from the dark side. While the BBC Royal Correspondent missed it there was no fooling the boys in the band.


Barnacle Bill said...

For once chris I entirely agree with your comments regarding the Saudi visit, the arms industry, and oil.
The Dash 4 Gas was one of the biggest mistakes of the Thatcher years.
With the coal reserves we have in this country, we should have concentrated more on "cleaner" coal fired power stations.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks BB

I'm not sure whether I should be jumping for joy or getting my head examined as I was agreeing with Prague tory only yesterday ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like HRH is far more comfortable with Darth. He's not in the market for wife 31.