Thursday, January 24, 2008

Andy Burnham MP: Gets Culture Media Sport

Burnham's strongest suit of these three would be sport I'd say. Took part alongside myself, Dr Rupa Huq and others from the floor in a Channel 4 sponsored debate on football at Labour's Brighton Conference in 2005. All about the governance of the National Game. Which was the subject of the Conference Resolution I had wanted to take.

Forced by democratic structures to take something altogether more tedious. Along the lines of "Blair Must Go, Soon-ish". Although I got to speak from the platform about the Walter Wolfgang incident and on the floor of half a dozen fringe meetings I was sadly marked out of the game on the conference floor with that particular route one offering.

How Mr Burnham will fare with the hot potato of the Arts Council, Museums and Arts Galleries and so on I don't know.

RESHUFFLE: Yvette Cooper - Chief Secretary; Caroline Flint - Housing Secretary.


Anonymous said...

No mention of the downfall of Hain then Mr Paul ? One down three to go!
Apolgies to Guido are in order.

Chris Paul said...

Apologies to Guido? What are you on about? He is a gutter gossip monger.

"No Mention of the downfall of Hain" - are you bonkers? Have been reporting it all afternoon. I actually beat Guido and BBC Online and Dale to the post at 22 minutes past.

Anonymous said...

moving the furniture on the Titanic methinks

Chris Paul said...

Marvellous contribution BHT.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of diverting the issue, what on earth did Rupa Huq have to bring to a discussion on governance of football? No disrespect to her fields of knowledge, but that ain't one of them. Was anyone who's actually involved in football politics - maybe even a supporters' rep - involved? Or I have I completely misunderstood the point of invites to speak at fringe meeting?

Chris Paul said...

The panel was the Sports Minister Dick Caborn and wotsit from the FA propaganda unit - the one who plays for the parliamentary football team as a ringer - and that other genius speaker from the supporters association/co-ops movement.

A very good panel. One of the half dozen or so TERRIBLE stories on the national game in the week ahead of the conference was the failure of young Asian players to break through which I chose as the first discussion point having rattled off all the others. Also Glazer of course and similar goings on at Villa etc, and the FA kicking their review into the long grass, and this and that.

When I find my notes I'll tell you exactly what else was going on just then. September 2005.

Dr Huq is of course a senior lecturer in sociology and an expert of popular and yoof culture and as I recall made a most useful contribution ... she shoots, she scores. Is it because she is a girl anonymous? Bend it Like Beckham?

The Manchester Evening News covered the meeting though not online as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bigging me up Chris and happy birthday to ya for earlier in the week.
Had this up yesterday
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