Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bond Fantasy: Quantum of Solace for S Generale

Quantum of Solace doesn't quite hit a home run as the name of the new Bond movie. But the film does have a timely fantasy French Bond Villain. Just as Jerome Kerviel has taken Societe Generale to the cleaners as a real life French bond villain.

Most reports even BBC Television and online on this are FAILING TO NOTICE the small print of the story which involves £3.7 Billion IN A SINGLE BOND TRADE made this Saturday. Jerome Kerviel could have at it for years. Radio 5 Live had that insight more than two hours ago.

UPDATE 17:14: Have changed the BBC Bond link as the Newsround one was not working. the Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton pictured right star alongside Daniel Craig.

UPDATE Fri 10:22: Information is still a bit scarce but the Saturday trading spree described by Radio Five Live may in fact have been the Bank itself closing down Jerome's positions in which £30 Billion or so were at risk. There have been suggestions that the emergency recovery of these positions was a major factor in market wobbles.


Anonymous said...

Sorry… I’m getting very far off subject here, but Dale and Guido moderating has gone at bit hard core recently. I say this because I have tried to post a few messages, but unsurprisingly they have failed to appear.

Did you know that Guido ( Paul Staines ) is an Irish citizen.. Not British

He also lives in Ireland

Furthermore he is currently under investigation by the Charity commission, and could if charges are brought and found guilt face a custodial sentence.

He is also a very successful Hedge fund businessman; we all love Hedgeys, don’t we.

Finally he heads some other businesses in Ireland, these service sector advisory businesses that aid and advise other businesses on how to avoid paying taxes. Their preferred method is registering their business overseas.

Yes…The Right’s Hero is a real man of the people, standing up against the Status political Quo.

Chris Paul said...

I knew Guido was an Irish citizen yes. And that his paternal side is Indian. I am Irish myself as it goes. Dual nationality. Though the form to get the passport gathers dust about a yard from where I am sitting typing this. My folks live in Ireland. On the North Coast.

The charity commission investigation is very interesting.

Hedgey still is marvellous. I thought he had put all that behind him. Considering that he is horribly innumerate, illogical and economically illiterate isn't he?

His current spiel taking credit for the resignation of Hain is pitiful. The idea that this situation wouldn't have come to pass without him is risible.

Anonymous said...

Yes chris; but YOU live here.

Why is guido so obsessed with UK politics?

Shall I tell you?

Because in Eire the politics is very close to the US.

The elecrate choose between a neo con ( Gail ) and a moderated Tory ( Fauil )

That’s why Guy loves it. He is virtually in a fascist state