Friday, January 25, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Full Disclosure For Lobbyists?

Guido Fawkes says nothing today about his pasty appearance on Newsnight last night. Better than his previous endeavour I would agree. But there really could not have been more headroom after that now could there? He was exposed then of course as an utter numpty.

The idea that GuF has taken Hain's scalp - even if Diane Abbott MP thinks he has - or that GuF is anything other than a gutter gossip monger, with low standards at that, is utterly preposterous.

But I am excited by a development today. Mr GuF is supporting the foundation of a kind of voluntary standards body for lobbyists. Even though GuF is a little troubled that the Lobbying Transparancy is an initiative of the left.

To counter this he recommends that it be joined by the likes of the Tax Payers' Alliance, implicated in the ridiculous DWP Press Release Hoax, which GuF also fell for, only last week. They are of course largely funded by the Conservative Party's most famous slush fund organisation - the Midlands Industrial Council on which GuF also had a false story last week.

Anyway I come for once to praise Mr GuF not to bury him. Mr GuF is a lobbyist himself in effect. Lobbying for Hedge Fundies and Libertarian Profiteers and Privateers everywhere. So wouldn't it be a great idea to see him setting an example to his fawning fans on the right? With some disclosure of his interests here first?

Let's have an return of GuF's:

Business interests in full
Including his "Tax Players Alliance"
Domicile for tax
Residence for tax
Outstanding legal matters
Entertainment accepted in detail
Voting status
And so on and so forth

Anyone who wishes to start a full and frank disclosure on Mr GuF's behalf is very welcome to use the comments here using the above section titles or otherwise.

UPDATE: Thanks to David Boothroyd for this link to a Torygraph blog displaying a "Press Release" apparently from Guido but with all the Conservative Party rubric as footer. GuF is livid. He is NOT a member of the conservatives (anymore), he is also not maintaining his dalliance with fascists, or his dalliance with the SDP. He is not a number. He is a free man.


Anonymous said...

Just posted this on Guido but copied here in case all his guf about being the investigative journalist apr excellence is the usual hypocritical bullshit.

"No ifs, no buts, lawmakers can't be allowed to be law breakers"

And does this apply to Dave?

A quick comparison of the Register of Members interests and the Electoral Commission Website shows that back in 2005 he received donations from Sir Anthony Wigram, Rodney Leach and Daniel Janner QC which were reported in the former - but do not appear to have been reported to the Commission over two years later. He also hasn't reported a Party that was hosted for him at the 2005 Conservative Party Conference by Paddy Gilford which he reported to the register of interests.

And Witney Conservative Association don't appear to have reported a donation from David Wilson which Dave reported in the register of interests in March 2006 (oh dear haven't they been in trouble with the Commission before!)

And all this from an hour's research - I'm sure an investigative blogger of your calibre could find so much more if you wanted to?

David Boothroyd said...

Guido's email claiming the credit for Hain's resignation apparently had on the bottom that it was published by the Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...


I thought the best proof of GuF's links to the Tories was how he was able to post on the content of Dave's adlib conference speech before it happened. The links obviously go very deep indeed.

I do like how he is now saying how the Telegraph should pay for copying images from hios website. When he wants to claim copyright protection he is in the UK - but when you want to sue him he is in Nevis!

Anonymous said...

When you talk of "outstanding legal matters" do you mean bloggers the libertarian control freak Staines has threatened without following through? Or other matters?

Chris Paul said...

I was actually thinking of areas where Staines was on the receiving end of investigations, particularly if they were in areas where he likes dishing it out.

For example I've been told the Charity Commission are after him. In fact that was a comment on this blog.

But if he is still targeting critics with threats or involved in other legals I'd think that would belong in his full and frank lobbyists' disclosure.

jailhouselawyer said...

I think you will find that I have taken Guido's scalp, according to the blog I have linked to in my post Jailhouselawyer v Guido Fawkes. Paul Staines might think the photo is very similar to one which appeared on his blog...

Anonymous said...

Your obsession with Guido is getting boring. Let him do his thing, you do yours - the traffic stats will decide.

Chris Paul said...

Traffic stats mean nothing. After a year Guido was not boasting 100s of 000s of readers after all. I have not tried in any way to stop Guido doing his thing. But it must be said you seem to want to stop me doing my thing. As that includes holding Guido to account for his mistakes and his chronic self-aggrandisement.