Friday, January 11, 2008

Guido Fawkes: He's Hain Obsessing Unhealthily

Is there no end to Paul Staines' aka gutter blogger Mr GuF's sleuthing abilities? He's caught old Peter Hain, damn him, visiting another Welsh business. Making two in all this past three years. And spookily again receiving a campaign contribution from the boss.

Clearly Guido would prefer to have a reputation as a careful and reasonable newshound and not some kind of careless and pointless gossip. So I'm sure he will be making a list of all visits and awards and openings carried out by Hain in Northern Ireland and Wales these past three years and then provide an explanation of how 99% of them got away without making a contribution?

Clearly if Staines himself were fund raising for a political campaign he would get out the telephone book for a town he'd never visited and where he knew no-one and start cold calling.

Rather than ringing friends, acquaintances, customers, suppliers.

But most of us would go through our diary and our rolodex and systematically ring every bona fide contact with money we had any connection to.

Hain is in enough trouble with late reporting. Why won't Staines be satisfied with that and stop crying wolf?


Hen Ferchetan said...

How about receiving money from people who didn't know they were donating to Hain

Bit more serious than just some late reporting isn't it?

Ted Foan said...

You are really missing the point aren't you Chris? Guido Fawkes is chasing the story - like all the MSM is now doing - and you are trying to make out Hain has done nothing wrong.

At best, he's incompetent (oh no, it's his staff's fault) but at worst he's being mendacious. We're not fools, Chris. Hain is a sleaze ball - always has been - and has now been exposed as one.

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favour and take off you party political blinkers mate. Law makers can't be law breakers. We've had enough of pathetic excuses a la 'I didnt know the rules', 'administrative error' 'I am a man of honour' nonsense from Hain and his dwindling band of apologists. If I failed to disclose, must less account for, the odd £103k or so of income to HRMC, breaking the law in the process, I'd likely get a hefty fine and my collar felt by the police. When will you politio's realise that ordinary folks are sick and tired of these imcompetent crooks, and it reflects badly on Gordon Brown that he sees fit to have Hain remain in his cabinet at all (GB's going to sack him anyway in the next week or so). If it takes Guido Fawkes to expose yet another sleaze-ball, so be it.

Chris Paul said...

Hain's missed some deadlines is all at the moment. On an internal contest he got pasted in. Bit like James Goldsmith overspending in some obscure Bucks constituency and still placing 5th of 6th. More important than that as he is in government but he hardly bought the election - which does happen - now did he?

He wouldn't be in the cabinet if it were up to me and he is a chump and a maverick even if he still flirts with soft left positions.

But it is not a case of party political blinkers from me, whereas Tory Bloggers and Guido won't for the most part be covering Osborne's failure to declare half a million to TWO authorities.

The system needs to be simplified. Take all the nuance out. Declare everything always.

But Guido's tilting at windmills led him to miss the main event. The windmills - Picture, Cuddy and by eck Tesco - are insignificant details.

Anonymous said...

Mmm...all this makes interesting reading looking back. You should be eating humble pie mate...

Guido 1 Hain 0