Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still More Kiddy Politics: Blogger Staines Rings and Runs

Looks like the right wing blogger and bon vivant, now the main source of hot economic analysis for the towering heights of capitalism has rung the bell for round one in a billion dollar scrap - centred on his persistent mendacity and thievery - and immediately thrown in the towel. Tim "Manic" Ireland, the champion, would have mashed the pudgy dipsoid.

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Anonymous said...

Pudgy dipsoid is very good Chris. Are you medically trained? You have certainly got to the heart of my problem with the mooted scrap. I would not allow my "pudgy dipsoid" client to fight the wiry Tim Ireland under any circumstances. He's a "fat knack" as we say in Harley Street and not fit for the purpose of blogger on blogger action.