Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Commissioners Report Please: Conduct of John Bull MP

Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Manchester Withington uses her Guardian blog to attack the "cosy club" she aims to join. She complained about John Leech MP's alleged mis-use of tax payers' money :

To give an example, I recently made a complaint about an MP's use of their communications allowance, which, knowing the guidance quite well, I was sure they had breached. After numerous enquiries, I was told that although the internal investigations were complete, I would not be informed of the outcome as this "was a matter between the house and the member". The public right to hold this expenditure to account is non existent.

Perhaps the Freedom of Information Act would do the trick? Or otherwise the Parliamentary Commissioner and a full on "Conduct of John Leech MP" report?

Cllr John Leech MP also faced a formal complaint about his clear under-declaration of 2005 election expenses ... with no feedback to the complainant on that. And his straying on tax payer funded print is in its third year now. And we are still waiting to hear back from the Returning Officer on whether the man actually does have a high-volume four-colour offset litho printing press and finishing equipment in the back room at his office. All manner of printed material - including five different ward-by-ward editions of his "parliamentary report" claims that he does.

CONUNDRUM: John Leech's candidate in Old Moat ward, the Solicitor Advocate Sufiyan Rana who coincidentally donated £2,500 to John Leech's funds having been selected to fight the seat is said to have produced FOURTEEN different pieces of print during the campaign accounting period, including various glossies. Probably around £2,500 worth.

What was the expenditure limit for this ward? And will Sufiyan be willing to sign his own expenses declaration? Will there be a cover-all bill from Leech's backroom printer "WPS" - to which he says he is personally unconnected - or will it be itemised transparently?

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