Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Right Wing Bloggers: Shamelessly Moving Goalposts

Iain Dale rather grandly paints himself as the confluence of the blogosphere and the Mainstream Media here before sadly repeating Guido's statistical GuFf.

Make no mistake, this right wing pair and Political Betting and others are way ahead of the pack when it comes to hits on their blogs. But Guido's stats are a complete load of old GuF. Assinine. What a distortion for example to put up a Guardian area tagged as Politics as a comparator when News, Comment, CiF, Diary etc are all clearly part of the comparable mix. Why would Iain repeat this nonsense as if it were reasonable? Obviously GuF is a different kettle of fish. But is Iain gunning to be a Shark too?

I must say I do find it incredible that one man bands like him and me seem to be getting higher or equivalent numbers of readers (based on absolute unique visitors) than big MSM companies like ITN or the main political parties. Guido got 102,000 last month and I got 72,000. According to ComScore this is what other sites achieved during February...

BBC News UK Politics 1,090,000
itn.co.uk 96,000
theyworkforyou.com 69,000
Guardian Politics 67,000 (excl CiF)
barackobama.com 56,000
conservatives.com 40,000
bnp.org.uk 37,000
democraticunderground.com 32,000
labour.org.uk 29,000

Clearly the BBC figure is also way wrong. And who knows about the others.

On the BNP doing rather well question ... I'd say that the main parties and our MPs and local units etc etc all or mostly have their own websites and blogs ... the BNP have very few of these subsidiary sites. Not quite so worrying on those terms.

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