Friday, August 29, 2008

Asbestos Loving Criminals: Rochdale Lib Dems

So soon after feting Sir Cyril Smith for his 80th with an intriguing combination of legal threats over arse-cheek and ball-sack revelations, cheese and onion pies, Jimmy Cricket and trips in a De Lorean Rochdale Lib Dems are reeling at a rather thorough expose in The New Statesman (text only, click on images below to enlarge).

Sir Cyril "Cash For Questions" Smith! Rather than being a speech over which Sir C "agonised", "tossed and turned" etc this was WRITTEN BY HIS PAYMASTERS Turner and Newall who have sent thousands to early graves with their blue and brown poisons ... with Sir Smith's blessing.

It was a case of HON MEMBERS: Boo boo when he read this corporate killer tosh out in the mother of all parliaments. They say "Don't shoot the messenger" don't they? But when that messenger is an illiberal, bullying, child beating, ball bag groping, brown envelope grasping old bastard then he deserves everything he gets, as do the Rochdale and other Lib Dems who praised him to the rafters so recently.

More later today or over the weekend. Above are PDFs of the New Statesman pages including a letter on HoP letterhead to Turner and Newall requesting a speech be written for a fat fool. Also a case study on constituent Leigh Carlisle (28), born on the eve of Smith's T&N cash for questions speech, who sadly died as this piece was headed for the printers.

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Chris Paul said...

Because Rochdale Lib Dem's leading bully and propagandist du jour is a lonely oft inebriated muppet the comments strand for this post was started under the next post. Sorry about that. Dynamite stuff however.