Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Con-Watch: Sing Davey One Note, Sing Out With Gusto

Iain Dale thinks Dave Cameron hit the right note in his unscheduled speech. Seemed to me to be fluent and clear, yes. But flat.

And mostly clearly fluent fatuous feelgood quackery with no specifics, barring stopping pissing about with politics when the House returns next week.

"So weak!", as Ed Balls might say. Weak and glib. BBC Video, BBC News.


Anonymous said...

Not like you Chris to say something negative about the Conservative Party.
I though Cameron was right with the tone of his message because the subject is a somber one.
If he would have come out with his usual passion then you would have said why is he using this for political scoring.
Unlike Gordon Brown,David Cameron gave a clear mesage to the country and not just talking to his party.

Chris Paul said...

I did not complain about the tone or lack of humour. Did I? I complemented the man on his fluency and clarity.

But it amounted to nothing much.

It is the complete lack of content that bugs me.

Seems to me there is a very strong chance that Cam will now claim that he has extracted "policy" from his real leader's speech in deference to hard times.

Because he is a sneaky, multi-faced, old school Conservative. Prick him and he bleeds, yes. Blue.

Anonymous said...

I was just pointing out what you would have said Chris.
I thought he was quite clear in offering all party support to getting out of this mess, which your party and government oversaw.
David Cameron will come out of this in the public eye as a prime minister in waiting, by showing real leadership qualities.
Something which Mr Brown seriously lacks, and his own party and the tax payer can vouch for that.

Chris Paul said...

which your party and government oversaw.

Which Republicans, and for the last year or too some Democrat-lites, oversaw in the US of A markets of toxicity and in which city boys deliberately did over decent companies.

Cam comes over as a salesman who will not say what he's selling. As Brown said in his excellent-once-he-got-going speech. Which did actually show leadership in spades.

Darling and Brown have been talking of cross-party action on this for a goodly time. And also on other matters where yahboo opportunist Tories and simply opportunist Lib Dems have voted against things for fun.

Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding with Brown and Darling asking for cross party support.
The reason why we have got in such a mess is during the boom in this Country both business and Brown acted so foolish Brown borrowed to the hilt but i blame the greedy bastards at the bank as well.
Lending to people who had no chance in hell of paying it back.
They both need to take accountability for their actions.
When things were going well Brown was very keen to take praise on how wonderfull the economy was and how it was a direct result of a labour government.
I notice how he has never mentioned that he inherited a good set of books from John Major now he's blaming everyone but himself wheather it's the banks or the people.
I want to know what the hell he was doing when "the sun was shining" he has a lot to answer for Chris.
If you were in opposition which in 2 years time you will be you would be quite rightly slating the government.
But the left always like the victim status don't they?.