Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Con-Watch: Teresa Villiers Misses the Boat Train

Has there been a decent, useful policy announcement this week at Tory Con Central? Teresa Villiers unlucky 13 Year Plan to provide decent trains and tracks for the West Coast Main Line to Manchester and on to Leeds is just as welcome as any and all other proposals to soup this infrastructure up.

But would any sane Shadow Mimicster link support for much needed railway improvements that MUST be brought forward to the STYMYING of private sector investment in increased capacity at Heathrow.

Theresa's train might have a modest effect on regional flights, and prospects too of cutting road traffic if the price is right. But restricting Heathrow's growth? Continuing some 20 years of under-capacity there?

Trying to make this either/or and continue the Green-Blue narrative? Recycled old rubbish from the Cons. As for a new Airport in the Estuary Boris? ... that's Big Bird absurd that is me muppet mate.

Kevin Maguire spotted Villiers drowning not waving a couple of months ago. But she's not the only one with next to nothing to offer.

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