Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Graphologists' Cyril: Feast Your Eyes On This

Cyril already had the nasty capitalists eating out of his hand by the time he showed off his neat copperplate handwriting (top). Never mind two, all four of the lagging liggers went to the HoP for their banquet.


Anonymous said...

So there it is.

The deadly defence of asbestos. Served on a plate in a fancy Westminster restaurant hosted by Cyril Smith MP the night before his big performance.

Anyone who faces a death sentence from asbestos must never forget the man who helped give T&N some breathing space to carry on mining and processing their profitable but deadly product.

He was "delighted" to meet with the Chairman and Managing Director for dinner.

Cyril Smith, plain speaking, honest lad who came from rags to riches. Never interested in himself, he always had the best interests of Rochdale at heart?
Or was he just filling his pockets as he wined and dined asbestos bosses and did their bidding?

Mocking his loyal electorate did he sing, to the tune of The Internationale:
"The working class can kiss my ass, I've got the bosses job at last".

Nice one Cyril. You might get a few sick apologists to deny you have blood on your hands but these documents point to the fact that too many people have T&N's asbestos dust in their lungs and that you played a key role in giving a death sentence to workers after 1981.

Cyril, you insisted that what you said in Parliament were your own words. These documents show this to be a big fat lie.

You should eat your recent words. And those poisonous ones you said in 1981.

When you went to dinner with T&N, the night before you delivered T&N's speech, did you raise a toast?

Absent friends?

Like the 4000 who die from asbestos disease in Britian every year?

Chris Paul said...

Cyril is a daft old git, anxious to have a legacy etc. He's no kids and so his life's work is clearly it.

So why would he not defend himself every step of the way. The real problem is Rowen and Hennigan and the Lib Dem world in general.

As Private Eye asked: why would the Lib Dems trash Rowen's current attempts at being more than a massively overpaid local councillor and aimless globetrotter so they could defend the indefensible?

[But having picked up PE today I must say they're slipping and LOL have had a number of their top stories weeks nay months ago. And not Cyril.

Anonymous said...

The ringside seats thing annoys me. Where were the local residents' and workers' reps to decide whether Cyril done good for the town? Did they get their dinners bought for them alongside the Chairman of the killer corp or the ringside seats?

Cyril seems to have volunteered to be Frankenstein's monster on this.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of Dave Shennighan's finest press releases back when Cyril was seen as a kingmaker during one of the many recent Lib Dem leadership races.

Wise words from the then Lib Dem leadership front runner in March 2006 (and "straight choice" against Peter Thachell in 1982), Simon Hughes MP? Without the benefit of hindsight, this is how Sir Cyril was described:

"Rochdale should be proud of a man that has given his life - first to the people of Rochdale and secondly to the politics of the Liberal Democrats".

Has anyone spoken to Lib Dem Federal HQ recently about Cyril Smith's plain speaking and honesty?

Anonymous said...

Cyril who? Did we ever have a Cyril in our party? I think not.

Chris Paul said...

Heinekanagain is clearly a hostage to fortune who has not lucked out.

I've predicted for parliamentary monitor:

1. Gordon will still be it in 12 months

2. Gordon will still be it for GE

3. Gordon will win GE

But betting on Cyril? OMG

Anonymous said...

You bet on a treble whammy for Gordon and question pinning colours to Smithy's mast? On second thoughts you're right Chris. Dave and Paul are in LARGER THAN LIFE trouble.