Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Thursday Cyril: The TBA Version of That Speech

Here you go. As promised. Completely-and-utterly-different-to-one-delivered by the larger than life MP looking to do his best for the town rather than kowtowing to the bosses behind the largest asbestos-dust generating factory in the world. Totally different. As exclusively published at Rochdale Online. Click to enlarge.

Clearly Cyril spoke to the substantive motion rather than to the amendment which the Speaker had chosen for debate. See the motion and amended motion HERE.

And you'll find the link to the 1981 Hansard speech right here. Compare and contrast dear reader. Compare and contrast. Obviously St Cyril would take soundings. Then decide what he would say on behalf of his real constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Reading the suggested speech it appears that T&N even drafted a fake concern for asbestos workers and the dangers of future substitutes.

No evidence whatsoever of any counter view or balance. But then again after wining and dining the bosses then getting them front row seats in the gallery above, I suppose Cyril had to keep fully On Message.