Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Thursday Cyril: Service Will Be Resumed Soon

Hold your breaths you people. More along anon. Meanwhilst here is one of the Stockport Lib Dems equivalents of Dangerous Dave Drunkalot. Working this time not for the closed book of Cyril-hero-worship Paul Rowen MP but for the maverick Chris Davies MEP. Someone who, as you may recall, apparently organised a rule change and an early eligibility-to-vote guillotine. Preventing his dear colleague Sajj Karim MEP from topping the LD Euro list Though it must be said that even his prodigious recruitment efforts were insufficient to match Davies charismatic cult maintained with merciless self publicity.

Sajjad stormed off in a huff to the Conservatives, presumably watching aghast as Whalley Range Conservatives - within spitting distance of Karim's Chorlton office - ganged up for a programme of gang warfare on potential Hussain voters with the radical muslim organisation Hizb_ut-Tahrir.

Last time I heard dave Cam - who wants the HuT proscribed, banned, vilified, rather than used as storm troops for a Tory candidate - had sent a concerned letter back to Tony Lloyd MP asking for the full SP.

Anyway, shame to digress to the Tories who are of course dogged by a terrible reputation in Manchester, there are Lib Dems to expose with their alleged racist drunkeness in the wee small hours at the emphatically oversized Tesco that the Stockport Lib Dems failed to control. Events occuring not too far from the Cider Aisle I'll be bound:

Rather like their colleagues on the South Manchester Reporter, Rochdale Observer et al it is hard work getting any stories against the Lib Dem cliques into the paper at all. This one has not made the Stockport Express website, which is some kind of halfway house I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Wild-eyed cider drinking Lib Dem reprobate. And racial remarks against poor police officers at Lib Dem Tesco Heartland? There's top Lib Dem politics there is.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the MEN is cutting its weekly papers.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Dodgy Dave Heinmoron describe Chris Davies as Rochdale's MEP?
Looks like the Knights of White civilisation (Stockport white lightning chapter) have met up with Cyril's (T&N chapter) for a spot of light-hearted racism.