Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Thursday Cyril: Some Highlights to be Going On With

Saint Cyril Smith MBE expressly told the directors of T&N DO NOT (his emphasis) to send his speech on to the Labour MP, Joel Barnett.

Saint Cyril Smith MBE arranged to wine and dine directors the night before his treacherous speech.

Saint Cyril Smith MBE obsequiously confirming that he's got them the best public gallery seats, not something offered to the suspended poorly constituents or their Union representatives. "Tha'll have grandstand seats my dear friends" is the essence, though these are LOL's words.

Saint Cyril Smith MBE saying he will commit their speeches to memory - "I want to read them at least ten times before I come to see you" quote unquote.

There must surely be a campaign now for any and all honours to be withdrawn from this Rochdale Lib Dem scumbag? And an end must be put this instant to talk of statues and legacies and charitable foundations.


tory boys never grow up said...

Has Rowen's comment on the "benefit of hindsight" been withdrawn?

If Hennegan had the slightest shred of professionalism he would be advising his boss to come out with a statement along the lines of "Cyril was clearly wrong on this matter" - see the dmage limitation chapter in "Political Spinning for beginners"

Chris Paul said...

When I have a moment I may get round to providing a compendium of Hennigan Hindsight consisting of withdrawn vehemence.

They'll probably hand St Cyril out to dry in the end, but they're taking their time about it.

Very comradely of Cyril's TBA pals to carefully archive all the evidence against him don't you think? I'd guess that the shredder got applied to some of the stuff ... but not this. Whyever was that?

Perhaps Cyril will finally turn Queens' Evidence against the TBA shysters? Assist in some robust legal action against any of the management that survive?

Anonymous said...

Cyril will carry on insisting he did nothing wrong in the same way sweet old German man of a certain age lament about past times and remind anyone with the cheek to differ that at least the trains ran on time back in the old days.

It is the sort "so what" attitude often seen with gang rapists. The sort of persecution complex that throws out insults, excuses and blame on other members of the gang. But no remorse.

Unless perhaps they become absolutely bang to rights.

Be it allegations of, for instance, sex abuse, corruption or Nazi War crimes, the lame suggestion that it was all such a long time ago just doesn't cut it.

As for asbestos cancer, hindsight can't be pleaded by someone who has already publicly suggested that the local workers already knew the risks and also suggested that the Labour Party and Unions were in cahoots with him.

BTW, no suggestion that St Cyril is a Nazi War Criminal AFAIK.