Monday, September 29, 2008

The Monday Cyril: Fawning Post Comes Home to Roost?

At the end of the first paragraph of his ridiculous hagiography Super Dave Drunkagain Hennigan quoth: "Sir Cyril will never change and neither should he."

The first part is undoubtedly true. The second part an utterly embarrassing piece of solidarity with the solider-than-life, three short planks of a self-serving thickie, old spanker and asbestos apologiser.

Cyril's 80th Birthday should have passed quietly but instead the arch-strategist Dave, who has known Cyril since a young lad, came over all unnecessary at Lib Dem Voice. Sad stuff.


Anonymous said...

Rochdale Town Hall is echoing to the sound of clucking.
Lib Dem chickens coming home to roost.

Dave is off laying.

The whispering campaign for regime change has started but no-ne dare speak out too loud yet.

Cyril still has some key Fib Dems by the balls.

If he goes down he has vowed to take them with him.

After the excitement of almost 2 column inches in the Daily Express there is now quiet before the storm.

The tension is electric. Tighter that Alan Taylor's underpants.

What else could possibly go wrong with Team Hennigan?

Anonymous said...

Cyril didn't want any fuss. Especially off a disgusted public, shocked media and the police.

tory boys never grow up said...
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tory boys never grow up said...

What did Cyril do to get such a fawning piece of hagiography from Young Dave - other 11 year olds fall for footballers and pop stars - but Cyril Smith???

Even the Tory boys struggle to get so euphoric over Thatcher - we can only wait the call for Cyril's state funeral.

Anonymous said...

cyril's what a state funeral ... quick lime is too good for him

Chris Paul said...

Apparently Cyril has been told by the portland cement company or summat that quick lime is completely safe and does not strip the flesh from your bones. "Safe enough to eat" says the knight of darkness. Cheese and asbestos pie for tea, quick lime flan to wash it down.

Anonymous said...

Cyril has never spoken for the portland cement industry.
Probably because he had no shares in it. Or that they wouldn't spoon feed him and help him with re-hearst-ing a speech that give kudos.
The more deadly a product, the more profitable a product, the richer the rewards are for those who blindly support it.

Anonymous said...

State funeral? How about a hog roast, with Dave H and current MP Paul Rowen at each end of the roasted spit?