Monday, September 29, 2008

Chris Grayling: Utter Disgrace to the Old School Tie

Chris Grayling, soft-spoken Tory Attack Dog, has been caught out impoverishing his living quarters in a Sunday Mirror investigation. It must be said that Mr Grayling is not an Old Etonian. He cleverly got a free education in leafy Bucks that was rather better than the boys at Slough Comp experience.

In fact as he is 46 and I'm 50 we must have overlapped by a year or two at the old Alma Mater. Mr Grayling is a disgrace to the Old School tie we share. And the Mirror would do well to ask Mr Grayling what properties are held in his rellies' names. Which seems to be a way some of these MPs try to escape vilification for their rentier activity. Er, Michael.

The story we linked to yesterday about a Conservative Future junior toady and PPC and his alleged womanising, messing with knives, and financial unreliability included a proposed merger by marriage of his own property assets (£0) with those of his lover (£considerable) as he was cash rich and she was asset rich.

They're not nice people. Whatever they may say.

Hat tip: Mark Pack at Lib Dem Voice.

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