Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Saturday Cyril: Rochdale Observer Letters Page

Click to enlarge. My contacts tell me that the real mailbag was running HUGELY against Cyril and TBA. But somehow they've manged to give Cyril and a major apologist of his the lion's share of the space. Hopefully the apologist is someone real, who really exists, whose words haven't been provided by some fantasist parliamentary employee. Cyril Smith saved the NASA space programme apparently. By lying about asbestos. Would you adam and eve it?

Is it just me or does that leading scientist have a fresh wound on his forehead? Not had a fall has he? Or a loaded gun scraping his forelock?


Anonymous said...

Asbestos was an important part of the space race. Without it there would be no cash to fund modern Space Cadets like Dave Heimigone.

Anonymous said...

The Rochdale Observer postbag, even if tilted a bit by the editor is still very telling. A couple of old nomark T&N managers that don't have a great deal to say and 2 vile letters from Cyril Smith.

No proper letters from decent, respected figures agreeing with Smith's odeous opinions and bullying.

Things have gone very,very quiet with those who know what is going on and know that the rumours are true. They were embarressed enough with Dave's weird De Lorean cheese pie fantasy for the Spanker's 80th.

Even the thick ones who owe Cyril bigtime know it is probably not the best political move to be associated with a sex offending, corrupt monster anymore.

"It was all such a long time ago" doesn't cut it with the police or the public. Weasle words that are no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dick

he does Cyril a wee favour and Rochdale Obscurer jump on him like a long lost hero.

News article AND letter. Then repeated in the Rochdale Excuse freesheet.


tory boys never grow up said...

Poor old Rochdale Observer - they give 4 paragraphs to Dr Tweedale and the rest of the page to Turner Brother aplogists - and yet it is those 4 paragraphs which shine out as telling the truth. Perhaps if the Rochdale Observer still has some journalists they could spend some time researching the various claims made - especially since this is about a disease which has killed so many Rochdalians - what else do they have to do?

Anonymous said...

Its called balance. Have you not seen the old photo of Cyril on a see-saw when he was a 30 stone tit?

1 Cyril Smith equals 5 ordinary mortals.

Excuses for Cyril are a bit thin so Guardian Media Grope have to reuse them 3 times.

Mr Koppi's odd letter supposedly in defence of St Cyril is a cracker. Spilled asbestos everywhere, sounds like a basketplace of a site.

The T&N manager's comparison Cyril to Marie Curie is a tad awkward... didn't her ignorance of the dangers of radiation lead to her death from cancer in extruciating agony?