Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Saturday Spanker: Hedging Bets on Spodden

Brilliant-er and brilliant-er. Larger than life Cyril is waiting for God-oh. Sitting on the fence. Refusing to back any position at all on Spodden Valley. Which by default means supporting the former owners and those who bought the killing fields from TBA.

Are there or are there not thousands of tons of asbestos waste either industrially tipped or windblown and sedimentary all over this site? Did Turner Brothers Asbestos or whatever they were calling themselves decommission and clean up their land and buildings properly?

Sir Cyril was the only "honourable" member who spoke in both the 1981 and 1983 debates on Safeguarding Asbestiosis and Cancer Rights for Rochdale People. He will no doubt have been very impressed in the second debate by the Tory Minister - in this case John Selwyn-Gummer rather than old trouser hoister and appalling defence barrister Baron Waddington - and all the talk of making the CEGB clean up their premises properly before handing them on. "Polluter Pays" is the established principle after all.

As a responsible shareholder, who sometimes disingenuously claims to have bought shares only so he could speak up for the people rather than because they were way short and he expected to win big, and as a bosum buddy and drinking and dining companion of the management and board, he would have INSISTED that what's sauce for the CEGB is sauce for the company he owned a slice of?

Surely Cyril? You'd have listened to JSG and learned? And insisted TBA or whatever they were calling themselves cleaned up after their 100 years of polluting?

And who is this Cllr Jean A Ashworth woman that Cyril is so grateful to? Would she be in any way related to the propagandist woman Jeannie on Rochdale Online who among almost 4000 posts came out with the following guffing up of the Lib Dem godfather?

Jeanie GoldMember 3860Posts Posted - 03/09/2008 : 21:56:08

No-one forced these people including my own family to work at TBA as theydidn't me to work with raw fibre glass I knew the risks and took it to feed my family it is just a cheap & nasty smear campaign toget at a wonderful man Sir Cyril Smith who has put Rochdale first and dedicated his life in doing so.
At the end of the day jobs were more abundant at this time we all went out to earn money and TBA paid more than others so the choice was ours risk or no risk it was down to choice to take that risk!
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Jeanie GoldMember 3862Posts posted - 03/09/2008 : 23:20:26

Iam disgusted at the people trying to put the blame on Sir Cyril itwas down to peoples choice to work at TBA I have had speeches wrote for me but chose to put my own words in as we all are entitledto do.
Those of you tryng to condemn a great man because of a figure of speech really ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
Sir Cyril has had one goal one interest 'Rochdale' he has put this town on the map through his dediction and deserves respect.
I am proud of such a great man and thank him for his dedication.

Right on "Jeannie". We can see from your points well made that you would need no help with crafting a top speech. No need for puppet master Dave Drunkagain in your case. Baron Smith of Rochdale has put the town on the map over and over again. You're right. There was the spanking and groping. The asbestos apologias. And that miscarriage of justice too. It's brilliant that this top man has not retired from politics. He now has a chance to take us round the block again.

Meanwhile Jeannie is to be congratulated for hopping rather undeservedly on brave mental nurse Karen Reissman's coat tails as an heroic whistle blower, rather than the a soft headed blow hard Lib Dem blabberer that she really is.

STOP PRESS: The Rochdale Express (a free paper from Rochdale Observer/ MEN stable so also 'owned' by Sir Cyril) has produced the "top scientist" Badami letter as an unchallenged stand alone feature, with the photograph with the evidence of a recent scrape on his forelock. Scraped too low perhaps?


Chris Paul said...

Sheesh, another thing, think of the poor fence Cyril's sitting on. It'll be Smith-ereens. Unless it's made of some of that new fangled asbestos cement. Strong, cheap, fireproof, and above all perfectly safe should you snag yourself and get a splinter.

Anonymous said...

The Smith cult of personality is having its last hurrah. Pathetic.

He gets a couple of old T&N management chaps to write a few vague words of defence. Both start with references to Cyril so there is fair idea of why they were written.

The Guardian Media Grope are operating true to form. Word on the street is that their output is now being monitored for bias and accuracy as per the PCC code of conduct.

With all the reorganisation happening at GMG there will come a time when the stance taken by them on Cyril and the Lib Dems could get some senior staff the chop.

What happens if there are police investigations and criminal charges on matters that it is clear the Rochdale Observer had notice of but made a concerted effort not to report.

Lies, sex abuse, corruption, collusion, perverting the course of justice.

Anonymous said...

Yet again Piss Crawl you show what a stupid fucking cock face fuck you are and why EVERYONE in the Labour Party thinks you are scum.

Councillor Jean Ashworth is probably the most respected Councillor in Rochdale. She is honest, hardworking and is not afraid to voice her opinion whether you agree with it or not. Her work is admired by many from ALL parties. Especially her campaign against LABOUR CUTS to Rochdale's Infirmary.

Jeanie has had a hard year. If you care to read about it you can do here :

What happend to her was cold and calculating and Parker should have stood down.

Anonymous said...

So Sir Cyril writes: "I don't expect an apology"

Too bleeding right.

This is not some sweet old statesman. He is and always has been an attack dog bully who attempts to destroy people with abuse and lies.

Last week in the Rochdale Observer he attacks a councillor with lies and abuse. He has no compassion whatsoever for asbestos cancer victims. Yet now he demands an apology?

Lets get this crystal clear...
Cyril Smith gets caught out asking for a speech on a life or death issue to be written for him by T&N. They do so. He then arranges to practice the speech after learning it parrot fashion. He also arranges seats in parliament for the director after wining and dining them the night before. The speech he gives is on rails- it follows precisely that given to him by T&N, and Hansard show that Cyril struggles to think on his feet in the House to change the T&N speech to apply to the ammended debate.

In 1981, 1983 and 2008 he tries to make the issue of asbestos political. People are dying the most unimaginable deaths and all he can think about is his own hide.

People will die as a direct result of what he was given to say in Parliament. In the speech there was no balance, no counter view expressed. His pro-asbestos message was simple and clear. He repeated it on the TV and in the press this month. Words that will damn him forever.

This is the reaction of a selfish bully not a statesman.

Yes he was defending jobs, that is clear. Cancer specialists, undertakers, florists, morphine and oxygen suppliers are overwhelmed today because of what Cyril Smith contributed to, as an MP in the 1970's and 1980's.

No other MP did what Cyril Smith did. He went above and beyond the call of duty for T&N in a way that enriched his pocket and career. He took all the credit for his "hard work" on researching a speech that it is now clear all he did was learn his lines.

A shameful, dirty and cancerous legacy for a town and people that Cyril Smith used and abused for his own gratification.

And they are supposed to be grateful? And they are supposed to apologise to him? And they are supposed to keep quiet as decent, dignifed working people die the most horrific deaths, but must carry some guilt because according to Cyril Smith, a few twisted apologists and the Rochdale Observer, they apparently knew the risks they were taking and got well paid for it?

As some of those men gasp their last breaths they already carry a fear and a guilt that they could have brought asbestos dust home into their homes on their overalls so could be passing a death sentence on to their wives and children.

Since the late 1960s there was public knowledge that small amounts of asbestos dust could cause cancer. Anyone apparently "working hard" reasearch such an important parliamentary speech could not have avoided open, obvious knowledge of the cancer risk that asbestos was know to cause.

It is truly appauling that Cyril Smith, a man apparently trusted by so many in the town, was used, and allowed himself to be used, to state catagorically that the public at large were not at risk from asbestos. That is a clear and lethal and highly irresponsible message.

Such creation of doubt was a cold calculated tactic employed by T&N. Any politician worth his salt would have known that by 1981. Cyril Smith was not stupid, he made a cold calculation himself.

He got the calculation wrong but without any remorse whatsoever he insults the dead and dying and tries to make this into a crisis about him.

What a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

your defence of Jean Ashworth is admirable.

But Jean's defence of Cyril Smith isn't.

Cyril's letter in the paper has all the marking of a spider and the fly.

As a nurse Jean has probably met too many cancer victims.

Cyril is bang to rights. Yet all Jean has done is follow the sick perverted excuse that Cyril uses- that workers knew the risks and it was their fault they got cancer.

No words of compassion. No words of remorse. Just bitter venom.

Unfortunately the same goes for you too Dave. Unforgivable errors of judgment.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dave is back on the pop again.

Chris Paul said...

Back on the pop big time AND breaking his promise not to post anonymously. Though we do get to see his real potty mouthed vocabulary when he's spewing as anon.

I don't know Jeannie. For all I know she is brilliant, she was completely in the right at the PCT, and she is in fact the most respected LD councillor in Rochdale (now there's a contest to savour!). But as anon 19:01 says she is way off the scale for stupidity posting in favour of Cyril's ridiculous behaviour.

Perhaps she has given Hennigan the run of her RO account and he wrote "her" posts for her?? I'd not be surprised in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

Does she support Smith for abusing young men with smacking and the rest? And for his role in the Kiszko miscarriage perhaps?

Anonymous said...

A story you might want to ponder from Leicester.

And when you think of Leicester, you might also want to consider allegations against MPs of sexual abuse or (more likely) you will probably want to ignore it. Plus ca change.

Slightly tangetially, did you ever see that scene in The West Wing when Jed Bartlet decides that he is goinf to kick his Republiican opponent from eveing to breakfast for his crass remark "Crime, boy, I don't know".

If you don't, then I advise you to look it up.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Jean Ashworth follows the Norman Smith MBE line on race relations. This sweet little granny caused Paul Rowen MP to have to go round to a constituents house to apologise for the rather special message Jeanie had for preserving the white race in Rochdale Council representation.
In her defence was the old chestnut about how could she be racist when she had 'one' as a friend in Christine Akram.
An old Cyril Smith tactic. Asian camoflage. Divide and rule. Shameless meddling and opportunism. All very illiberal.

Dave Shennighan lost his cool during the Jeaniegate scandal and tried to spin a clever web making her a heroine against that nasty Robin Parker.

Then came some very shading dealings by the Boy Wonder that did get his botty spanked for being a very naughty boy.

Dave, what goes around comes around you deranged drunken biggoted fuckwit. You bet that Robin Parker would be booted out as Mayor as a result of your vile, poisonous Cyril Smithesque thuggery.

You don't pay your bets either but what do you expect from a protector of ball bag groping,asbestos loving, brown envelope grasping, testicle squeezing, thieving, corrupt old turncoat tosser that has bullied, bribed and manipulated so many ordinary decent people and created a fucked up wasteland for Rochdale.

Dave Hennigone, apologist, biographer and loyal knave of Sir Cyril Smith MBE, Godfather of Rochdale Lib Dems. You deserve each another. Like vampires you can draw both poison from each others veins but don't drag others into your vain, evil meddlings.

Anonymous said...

If proof is needed that in order to become a loyal Cyril Smith cult follower and Rochdale Fib Dem you have to have your brain wiped blank then take a peek at this gem of a line from Cllr Jean Ashworth commenting on Rochdale Online about the opening of a new health centre in Rochdale named after the Father of the NHS. She writes -

"Bye the way pardon my ignorance but who or what is Nye Bevan ??"

Aw bless. Nurse Jeanie is no spring chicken and must almost be as old as the NHS so surely she must have some inkling as to the name.

Or has she got something against the Welsh as well as those pakistanis?

Anonymous said...

Classic Cyril Smith letter...

"Don't put words into my mouth"

he demands.

Unlike the words put into his mouth by his pet asbestos factory.

You couldn't make this shit up.

"Don't put words into my mouth"

...unless you are willing to write a speech for Cyril, let him practice it, let him buy you dinner and also ensure you are a kinky voyeur by watching him perform your dirty work for you.

Oh and then let him aquire some shares in your company.

Rochdale, Britain and Parliament deserves an apology from Cyril Smith. Fat chance of them ever getting one.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that the Father of the NHS was William Beveridge

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:41/Matt (Or Should I refer to you as the Predator's Boy or maybe Ruth Luger perhaps?)

Jeanie is not a racist and I think she wouldn't take too kindly to being refered to as a sweet old granny.

Where's Steven Burke nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Message from Nick Clogg to all Rochdale Lib Dem councillors.

Hey guys. Please keep off the sherry when commenting late at night on the internet.

Anonymous said...

and as for Dave, sorry, anon 18:39, and his late afternoon Merrydown tiffin rants...

Those at Federal HQ have asked him nicely to behave but the Bad Boy just can't help himself.

A proper MP in the making. A glittering career bekons for Dave. Success in Levenshulme and Rochdale. Dave is admired by so many.

Thats why he is all alone eating pot noodle in a flat in heywood.