Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Sunday Cyril: "Corrupt" Cyril Smith File Revealed

Quite amusing that Blogger's completely apolitical image upload machine rejected the above Cyril file image as "corrupt". Here it is - above, de-corruptified slightly but still the ugly face of Spodden Syndrome. Doing our larger-than-life man no favours at all is it?

And below - click to enlarge as always - is the fawning text. This free-on-the-mat publication is put about the town by "Em and En Media". This being an hilarious sub-editors josh. "Em" and "En" being arcane print measurements along with "picas" and "points". And also, as it goes, plausibly linked with some local types.

M for Meridith, Colin? N for Nutall, Geoff? The latter being a former advertising salesman for the Rochdale Observer. The former jobbing actor who makes an interesting fast forward as new editor for his own glossy mag:

Council leader Alan Taylor thanked Cyril for being 'a great inspiration and teacher'.

Alan was of course the olden days Hennigan type character. Cyril Smith's agent. Party to all the party intrigue. And still sitting pretty. Perhaps young Alan was Cyril's favoured candidate when Rowen stole the crown? Seen here Alan is barefoot, as is the Rochdale Lib Dem wont even today, as the Rochdale Alternative Paper's 1975 "playmate of the Century" or something like that.

Nice quote in the blow up from Saint Cyril:

"I have never craved the attention and I only work to ensure Rochdale benefits from anything I do."

We'll have to leave it to the starvlings of Rochdale, arising from their slumber, with the scales falling from their eyes to be the judge of that.

Let's agree the following actions right now:

1. That there should be an immediate public appeal to have the old devil stripped of his Knighthood and if feasible his MBE;

2. That there should NEVER, but never, be a positive statue or portrait of the conniving bastard given pride of place in the Town. A version of Guernica or The Cream Scream demonising him would however be deemed appropriate;

3. That there should never be a a Cyril Smith Institute, Foundation, Trust, Charity or Think Tank and that any inheritance from his grasping existence be given to his victims and their surviving families instead of aggrandising a toxic and politicized brand;

4. That, assuming there is no General Election before Christmas, Paul Rowen MP should put himself up for a public vote a la David Davis. Has he shown good judgement in backing the preposterous asbestos record of Cyril "Dinner" Smith? Perhaps the local Lib Dems waking up and smelling the sleaze will not even re-select him?

5. That no stones are left unturned in increasing compensation available to Cyril's victims of all classes, and that if possible charges be brought against those responsible for Health and Safety piss-taking from the "responsible" management of TBA, Turner and Newall, and whatever they call themselves now.


Anonymous said...

can you taylor was barefoot? we demand an apology!

Anonymous said...

Is cheeky Rapmate Alan Taylor wearing a wig in that classy 1974 pose?

Photographic proof that Lib Dems have no balls and that wearing unfeasibly tight jockey shorts cuts of blood to the brain.

Is there a photo of Dave H stiking the party pose on the leopard skin casting couch?

Funny folk them Rochdale Lib Dems. They have been like this ever since Cyril seized power - at about the same time Adi Amin began his ball squeezing career in Uganda.

Anonymous said...

A pubic wig.
Originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia to eliminate lice or cover-up syphilitic pustules.

Sound familiar?

Another Rochdale Obscurer headline? "Cyril - There was no cover up"

Merkins are used as cover for all sorts of things. Not just dicks.

Very murky.

Anonymous said...

Word on the Rochdale Lib Dem, er, "Bush Telegraph" is that no love is lost between Alan Taylor, Hennigan and Rowen.

The defence of Cyril is understandable but the way that Dave is spinning has become a huge embarressment. The wheels are falling off.

Cyril himself is not doing himself any favours either. His ranting phone calls to people he demands should be loyal to him aren't going to plan.

Today's Sunday roast at Emma Street smells of cooked goose.

Anonymous said...

Smells like he's cooking cabbage in old bloke's piss with a soupcon of boys' sheet slime and some salty licks from here ...

Anonymous said...

One thing Cyril has never eaten is humble pie.


Anonymous said...

So Lord Steele appeared on a birthday video for the old criminla spanker?

30 years ago he was defending Cyril Smith with those extraordinary words of defence:

"all we are talking about is a few smaked bottoms".

Vote Liberal. Vote for sick, corrupt perverts who seem to get away with murder?

What an example to set.

Anonymous said...

The photo of Cyril's Bash shows Paul Rowen in a bad light. Standing next to David Alton in white jacket makes Paul Rowen's face even more red and shiny.

As a silver surfer, the portly MP's plastic looking visage and rosey cheeks (upper) reminds one of manic eyed Archie Andrews of "educating Archie" fame.

The difference between a puppet and a ventriloquist's dummy is based on how they are controlled. Strings from above or a hand up the nether region. Either way it is someone else working them.

Chris Paul said...

Isn't Dave Alton the Lib Dem who used to have a stunt mattress that he would take from back alley to back alley? Dumping it himself? Pointing at it with a sour look on his face? Promising to get it moved? And then moving it himself ... to the next photo opportunity.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

10 - 9 - 8 .......

Chris Paul said...

So EHC is the above comment really one of yours? You're better than that aren't you?? It comes to something when semi anonymous but thoughtful trolls are being impersonated.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is one of mine. Plesae don't take my comment for one of approval for what was said. It may have been badly put but it was not badly meant.

Chris Paul said...

OK EHC ... it's like someone wants me to go after Dave's rellies and his private life.

Anonymous said...

You already do.

Chris Paul said...

You think so?

Anonymous said...

A ridiculous accusation.

Hennigan is a scumbag on a taxpayer-financed but unaccountable salary. Sir Cyril is on an MPs pension on top of what else he has squirreled away. Their behaviour - e.g. public drunkenness and conducting "parliamentary" business under the influence, sleeping in the office, trying to find out where people live, covering up for big asbestos, smacking bare bottoms, threatening consequences, trying to get people sacked, sending malicious press releases, and posting rabid emails - ought to be accountable.

That's hardly "private life".

Puerile and I'd guess inaccurate comments on family member's dress size and health are completely out of order. Chris has not introduced similar comments about Dave's family has he? But Dave himself and Uncle Cyril ought to be accountable for their behaviour should they not?

Anonymous said...

CP has commented several times on the fact that he knew DH was mad before ever coming carros him. And how did he 'know' this - by having encountered members of his family. Are you really saying that wasn't meant as a comment on the mental state of DH's family? It is just the sort of comment that CP would (rightly) have removed immediately if it had been said about his own relatives.

And, Anon 12:15, whatver you and I think about Cyril Smith, I doubt if he has ever been guilty of "posting rabid emails". He may be a lot of things but I wouldn't think he was a techie.

Chris Paul said...

This is rather, indeed let's go further and say VERY, inaccurate from you EHC. It is a damnable smear and you must know it.

I have commented ONCE, not "several times", in this way on the Hennigan clan and I DID NOT say Hennigan D was known to me as "mad" as a result of my earlier contact, or that they were "mad", or for that matter how many of them I had encountered. It was in fact just the one.

And the trouble with that one I have NOT shared.

Show me these several comments and posts about older Hennigans.

Come on you are the angel of truth, keeping me honest. Put up or shut up. Why are you apologising for these creeps anyway?

I think anon 12:15 has used the smearer's ruse of making a list with things from both Cyril and Dave in it. I don't know of Cyril sleeping in the office but I'd not rule it out. And for the avoidance of doubt I don't think Dave's a bottom smacker.

Cyril and his brother Norman use coloured crayons not emails to send their rabid communications.

And that is not made up. 100% true! You've already seen Cyril's heyday scrawl when organising dinner with asbestos poisoners. But Norman's later legal communications are a sight to behold.

I feel it in my bones that there'll be some more asbo documents along soon. And also that proper investigative journalists are lifting up stones in very dark places indeed even now as I type.

Anonymous said...

It may have been the one comment from you and that others then jumped in on it. One or three or seventeen, the fact still remains that you commented on DH's state of mind by maligning his family. It is just the sort of comment you would have removed if it had been said about yourself or your relations. And you would have been right to.

I am not apologising for what others have said, nor do I defend it. But you're not exactly averse to the odd conflating of threads and snide accusations. "the arch-strategist Dave, who has known Cyril since a young lad" - I think we can all guess what you meant by that. You have made several other comments on a similar line about this DH and about others.

I also think that it demonstrates the paucity of your arguments when you resort to these tactics.

Chris Paul said...

I did NOT comment on Hennigan's state of mind by maligning his family. I have said he's a helpless drunk. And I have commented that he's hearing voices when he self-reported conversations at a business event ... conversations that quite simply cannot have taken place. Though he was that evening using his deejay position to continue his drunken politicising and slandering.

You are now moving from being a roistering troubadour of truth to become a liar as bad as Dave and Cyril and that crew. Why would anyone from anywhere in the UK other than the Rochdale Lib Dem party want to defend these folk?

I am NOT repeat NOT suggesting that Cyril interfered with Dave Hennigan. We've been there before. I've made that clear.

Au contraire I am suggesting that Dave is now himself using a used-up and useless old user and that this is backfiring on them all. No good for Dave, no good for Cyril, no good for Paul Rowen, the useless MP.

It is a fact - included in Dave hagiography of the old bastard - that Dave first came across CS on a choir gig. And also as I recall that CS got said choir a booking or two thereafter.

I'd say your reverse-smear innuendo is absolutely disgraceful EHC.

Anonymous said...

Of course you'd say that. It's exactly what I'd expect you to say.

At the weekend I printed off several of these threads and took them to work - you know, the stuff about Smith and then those about DH and Paul Rowen and the fact that they have both known Cyril since they were in the choir; in shorts; at school, or whichever other innocent description you want to use at the time.

Every single person I showed them to came to the same conclusion about what your subtext was. Of course, I take your word that this is not what you really meant. You wouldn't lie about something like that, would you?

So just be a bit more careful in future. Some people who stumbled across your comments might not know you for the truly decent human being with no ulterior motive that you really are.

Just trying to be helpful.

Yours in co-operation