Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Friday Cyril: Hennigan's Eid Slander on Abdul

ENNIGAN! Mentioned in passing before. This is a comment at Rochdale Online made by Paul Rowen MP's Constituency Assistant Dave Hennigan, paid entirely from Rowen's Allowances but doing little that is not party political the whole long day.

Abdul Chowdry - whose name Hennigan cannot seem to bring himself to spell correctly even in his later apologies for apologies - was a well loved community activist, trade Unionist, councillor and nationally recognised health and safety professional.

Abdul Chowdry gets a mention in this Rochdale online story, concerning a pilgrimage by Japanese mesothelioma expert Dr Natori Yuji who described Turner and Newall's Spodden Valley killing fields base as a "world famous example of asbestos exposure".

Dave Hennigan and his boss Paul Rowen MP received a barrage of complaints from citizens, voluntary groups and even their own councillors at Drunkagain's malicious, disrespectful and untrue characterisations. Forcing a fearful Hennigan into his meally mouthed apologies.


Anonymous said...

So Dodgy Dave wrote, "I don't want to speak ill of the dead BUT..."

On Eid.
That says it all.

The Toxic Tosser needs to go on some national Lib Dem diversity training.

And he needs to take some of the redder knecked Rochdale Lib Dem councillors with him.

What a disgraceful bunch of lightweights, racists, perverts and/or brown envelope grabbers.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the charmers from MPACUK who probably secured Rowen's election with their disgusting zionist-conspiracy attacks on his opponent were on the silly boy's case.

(Though she was a headcase).