Friday, October 03, 2008

That Reshuffle: Is Caroline Flint Being Disciplined?

Kelly and Browne have left the scene completely of course. But Caroline Flint appears to be the only other whose right to attendance at all cabinet meetings, albeit non-voting, has been usurped. Perhaps Team GB got a report back on her Progress Rally contribution. Arguably the most uppity of the lot of them at that fringe event.

William Hague's analysis on behalf of the Conservatives has been interestingly OTT. Alistair Darling has NOT failed. And smirking Dave Miliband has not undermined GB at every opportunity. Not quite. He's blown it completely that one.

There has been little or no Conservative Bounce from Conference. 12% lead in tomorrow's Guardian I believe. The sort of lead - depending on the level of don't knows/won't says/may shifts and the geographical distribution - that is certainly not so bad by recent standards. And certainly the Conservatives look very beatable. And they know it.

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