Friday, October 03, 2008

London Godfather: Constructive Dismissal of Ian Blair

The BBC have the Blair constructive dismissal speech in full. And the ITN report is above. Meanwhile The Guardian reveal that Boris Johnson and henchman Kit Malthouse are planning to fillybuster the appointment of a permanent replacement. Until after the General Election ... when Gordon Brown, sadly for them, will still be in Number 10. Hurrah!

Thanks in part at least to Boris Johnson's reneged promises and playing party politics with policing. London decided. London is surely beginning to regret? Along with Dave "Piffle" Cameron.


Anonymous said...

"when Gordon Brown....will still be in Number 10."

Didn't you make a similar prediction about Ken Livingstone being re-elected Mayor of London?

Chris Paul said...

And I made one about Margaret Beckett returning to government too Lakelander. I suppose there is still a chance that Ken will be back. We'll see.

The point was and is that any idea Boris and Kit may have about holding out on a real appointment until there is a Tory government - the Guardian scoop - is a hostage to fortune with the polls closing and Cam looking wet behind the ears, and indeed all over.

I really did think Ken could win. he was mugged by the Standard really. But he did do far better than LP national standings at the time. I certainly think GB and LP can and will win the next General Election.

Rest of the reshuffle you ask? Watch out for Woodward, and E Miliband, and Denham. Ussher is good Economic Secretary. Will GB dare to sack my friend Ms Blears??

Anonymous said...

well done Boris getting rid of the Zanulab pc chief pc who tried to stop the shooting inquest and has policed protests like some East German.
lets hope Dave gives the BBC the same treatment