Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paul Rowen MP: Inaction in Deeplish, In Action at HoP

Lovely to see Paul Rowen MP on his feet in the house just yesterday:

Paul Rowen (Shadow Minister, Work & Pensions; Rochdale, Liberal Democrat) | >In context
I am sure that my hon. Friend is aware that there is a part of my constituency where three quarters of people are on one form of benefits or another; I know that the Secretary of State is aware of that, because he visited my constituency earlier this year. Does my hon. Friend agree that that illustrates the fact that the Government have patently failed to do anything to get those people back to work?

What a useless contribution. This is places like Deeplish where the Hon member was a ward councillor for many years, failing to bring anything to the party, propagating misery and a dependency culture. This is where Labour have planted Nye Bevan House which name almost shocked Rowen as much, when Alan Johnson uttered it at the opening, as James Purnell's rebuke that "he had not read the report" when the Minister visited Rowen's constituency and PR talked crap.

Hennigan of course threw his toys at that very accurate observation.


Abdulsrevenge said...

He probably does not know who Nye Bevan was-just like the equally thick NHS employee Cllr Jean Ashworth who did not know who Bevan was.
Useless contribution from a totally useless MP. All he is fit for is employing his mate at tax payers expense so he can throw insults at people from down a telephone line or from a computer key board.Mind you he has helped make things worse for spanker Smith by a totally inept defence of him.
All the Liebrals in Rochdale can do is talk down the improved/improving NHS all the time with the chief culprit being Cllr Ashworth.When he was my Cllr in Brimrod and Deeplish ward,Rowen did sod all,pretty much the same as Smith when he was MP,apart from sucking up to big buisness and allowing the people of Rochdale to be screwed by Thatcher the milk snatcher.

Chris Paul said...

And spanked by the biggest of the big local perves in some cases.

Anonymous said...

Piss Balls,

Firstly, just to let you know, Rowen was refering to Spoltland and Falinge - not Deeplish.

Let's have a looksy at Labour's SHAMEFUL NEGLECT of our NHS shall we:

*The selling off of parts of our NHS to the private sector (to their chums of course)
*The creation of drug/treatment postcode lottery - Just ask Jean Murphy of Salford. Their primary care trust has decided it is too expensive to supply her with the drug Sutent that she desparetly needs.
*An NHS driven towards targets and not treatment.
*People unable to enroll with a NHS dentist
*Free prescriptions for those north of the border but not south of it.
*Record health inequalities between the poorest and the riches in our society
*Billions of pounds wasted on pen pushers
*Shocking MRSA figures

I could go on but I won't.


Anonymous said...

you are a naughty boy.

Your boss (Rowan not Cyril) has told you to keep of the blogs.

And now you are reading this.

Naughty boy.

But whilst your on here you might as well pass a message Tell your Mr Rowan he is a ineffectual fuckwit joke of an MP.

Straight from the Cyril Smith mould.

It is a good job Hasard doesn't record the giggles of other MPs or the whispering "what the fuck is he talking about?" often heard by perplexed members.

A good MP doesn't turn up and talk shite that simply doesn't make sense. Paul does that often. Its a good job he is in a party that has no power or responsibility. (Apart from at local level like Rochdale and Liverpool where the council's are tryly fucked up)

Look in the dictionary under "Piss Poor". It says Lib Dem - See eg Paul Rowan MP (formerly Cyril Smith MP).

Rochdale deserves better than this.