Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember, Remember: Cameron Indulgent Change Spin

Happy Anniversary to the GuFster! On his very special day Paul Staines aka Mr GuF offers Congratulations to America:

Watch with amusement as the Hilary-backing Brownies claim the rookie, inexperienced Obama for their own and laugh as the sister party to the Republicans congratulate the Democratic candidate.

Hilary-backing Brownies? Really?? But to these eyes the most amusing attempt at topsy turvy spinnery is from Dave Cameron who suggests Obama is the "First of a new generation of leaders" (hint sotto voce: "That I may follow very soon") showing how people want change and leadership.

Sadly for Cam and the 100% inexperienced Sad-o Cabinet, copyright News of the World, the change the USA has voted for is a change AWAY FROM the conservatism and nationalism and unilateralism that Conservatives like Bush, Cheney and yes even war hero Canary McCain and Lamont's bag-carrier Cameron represent. And they've voted for leadership such as GORDON BROWN represents.

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Anonymous said...

At least they got to vote for their leader, which is more than we got.

Still - not long to go now!