Monday, January 12, 2009

Labour List: Goes Offline to Coincide With Channel 4 News

Has some charmer organised a denial of service attack on LabourList just as it was being featured live on Channel 4 News? Bit of a coincidence that it should "go down" at the precise moment if there was no mischief afoot. Very strange.


Andrew. said...

It's possible I suppose their servers crashed with the traffic wave; that happens to alot of sites when they get put on the news.

Chris Paul said...

That's possible I suppose, but unlikely I'd say with only limited advertising of the URL here, no compelling reason to visit immediately when we had DD and TM and wotsit shooting the breeze, and surely with sufficient capacity for the credible level of surge hits. Jag Singh and Mark Hanson and others involved in this probably know their onions on traffic?

It was not available for a good while after the broadcast. And I do think that channel 4 could have sucked that one up rather than blamed LL's servers for the outage. They should have had it cached and they messed up.