Monday, January 12, 2009

Propaganda: Anxious Conservative Babies Hit the Bottle

This £17,000 figure is ever so interesting. Direct mail from our Baby Tory David Bean for the Didsbury West By-Election states that: "Last month, Labour increased borrowing by £17,000 per family, doubling (sic) the national debt to over £1 Trillion." Whereas the above YouTube video claims every new citizen will have a £17,000 share in the National Debt. Is this a coincidence? Is this a magic number?

Are these two separate claims that by some fluke have the same figure at their heart? Probably not, eh? Is it £17,000 extra per family? Or £17,000 per person? Or both of these things? Does this actually represent a doubling of debt? In index terms how does this debt compare with the end of Tory days and comparator countries? It's much less now measured in dollars than it was!!

Over at YouTube comments Conservative Propaganda are getting it in the neck. For promoting bottle feeding ... but I'm not sure anyone has commented on vertical gravity feeding of recumbent infants. Shocking! Almost like water boarding. And we all know they're milk snatchers!

TORY TRAGEDIES: David Bean (right) is not keeping up his blog at the moment, unless he has another one elsewhere for the campaign? This is the address he's putting on his print. He's already up to two leaflets and a direct mail letter - with multiple copies in multiple envelopes with multiple reply envelopes to family members - very green don't you think? Rob Adlard (last post August, lives in Longendales, pretends to be in Manchester) is the poor boy's agent so what do we expect?

And like Adlard he seems confused, in this case with appropriation of the cooperative movement and the refutation of the shareholder profit motive. How vile that must be for Tories.

In another contradiction with the Tory Centre Mr Bean appears to be representing Dave Cameron's promise last week that we get ALL the TIF money with a climb down to around 60%.

A third distortion is his pretence or ignorance on what the TIF proposals comprise. Missing from his chart is a massive investment in our trams NOT dependent on the TIF process.

AGE DISCRIMINATION: Wouldn't normally comment on this. But people on the doorstep are picking up that wee Davey McBean looks about 13 years old ... And that the Lib Dems' Li anne Williams cannot do joined up writing ... so I think it is only fair to point out that young people can make a reasonable contribution to Council.

Just not these two please. Though strangely it is Mr Bean that seems to have the more useful experience and a bit of a clue about life, compared to John Leech's cipher Ms Williams.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Chris, I know you are eager to read and copy our Conservative policies, but David Bean is on the frontline and campaigning hard on the streets of Didsbury rather than being some armchair critic behind a computer screen.

Chris Paul said...

"Mellor Road Mincer"? Is that you Adlard??


1. The £17,000 thing needs explaining, unless you are putting you hands up for making it all up?

2. Cameron said live on Channel M - a brilliant community station - that GM should get all the TIF money. Now you local Tories are saying he said half of it. Explain!

3. Clearly the transport chart in the spread is bobbins. Labour Mcr sorted out the trams even if the money was won from Tories, and omitting the £600M or whatever improvements and pretending they were subject of TIF is just lying.

Obviously I've been pounding the streets in DW too and I would love Mr Bean to beat Ms Williams ... just so long as Mr Ellison beats both. Surely residents want a real voice on the council rather than a silly cipher added to a bruiser and a don? Surely?

This is a ward in a former Tory constituency that was the hottest Tory ward in the whole city. Clearly that's terribly wrong in every way possible - having elected Tory representation in liberal- radical-progressive Manchester - but I must say that some sort of Tory fight in their last constituency seat is long overdue.

You can win this seat back Oh Mincer. Please shake a leg and get to it.

Anonymous said...

No it isn't Adlard, you unemployed nobshite - what makes you think it is him? And Rob Adlard lives in Longdendale, not Longendales. Get with the program Chris!

I can't really be bothered to explain in detail to the rest of your points.

Chris Paul said...

Can't be bothered? Unemployed nobshite ad hominem attacks in reply to straight questions you will not and cannot answer?

What is the £17,000 about? How does it compare with Tory days? Why does it matter more to reduce this than to stimulate the economy?

Is Cameron saying £2.7 Billion for TIF as he told Channel M? Or £1.5 Bn?

Why the porkies on the trams?

Longdendale? Ever so sorry for this crucial slip.

Now withdraw your pathetic insults which reflect very badly on Mr Bean and the Conservatives - and answer the questions.

Deleted said...

I can't really be bothered to explain in detail to the rest of your points.

Presumably that should read:

"I can't explain in detail the rest of your points."

"unemployed nobshite" The Tories haven't changed, still the nasty party, still resorting to abuse when their arguments don't hold up.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the inaccuracies on the Bean leaflet are not down to a flaw in any calculations by CCHQ, but are due to Rob Adlard's staggering incompetence.