Monday, January 12, 2009

More Propaganda: Donal Blaney is Potty Calling Kettle Black

Our dear friend Donal Blaney excelled himself yesterday. Not only does he drag in old Adolf Hitler as a substitute for having an argument for the second day on the trot. But he also throws some fierce stones from a very fragile grass house.

Essentially he is complaining about a fella from Rochdale - name of Mohammed Shafiq, Head of the Ramahdan Foundation and as I understand it an advisor to Nick Clegg on community relations and a Lib Dem candidate to boot.

On four main counts:

One: Shafiq is whoring himself around the media as a rent-a-quote on anything and everything connected with being a Muslim in Britain, even though he has not been elected as a spokesman for these communities.

Whereas Donal Blaney whores himself around the media as a rent-a-quote on anything and everything connected with being a Muslim in Britain, and other matters, even though he has not been elected as a spokesman for these communities.

Two: In a debate on BBC Radio with fellow unelected media whore Donal Blaney Mr Shafiq refused to condemn; or possibly even spoke up for Hizb_ut-Tahrir which is a rather right wing islamist organisation, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, though committed to exclusively non-violent means.

Whereas the Tories and Donal Blaney are yet to provide any excuse, apology of disciplining/ejecting of those involved in a cynical collaboration of Hizb_ut-Tahrir with the official Tory machine in Whalley Range Manchester in last year's council elections.

Three: Mohammed Shafiq, is director of a sinister muslim youth organisation called The Ramadhan Foundation.

Whereas Donal Blaney is Chief Executive of a sinister conservative organisation called The Young Britons’ Foundation (YBF) which seeks to develop hatred and dirty tricks among Future Conservative front benchers. If they don't get chucked out first.

Four: Mohammed Shafiq allegedly attempts to smear those he disagrees with as racists

Whereas Donal Blaney demonstrably uses Hitler's name in vain along with charges of anti-semitism for the same job

Donal has a point of course about Shafiq being an unelected careerist loud mouth ... But then he's not elected himself now is he? In fact he probably has rather less in the way of official status than his foe?

Just a right wing dick head shouting his mouth off? Bit of a careerist? Willing to go on media at the drop of a hat? Passing on his ideas to future generations? Willing to get deep into smearage? Description fits both of these brothers in arms like a glove.

As we wrote yesterday: Propaganda: Donal Blaney is a Right Wing Islamophobic Loon where you will find disclaimers and background on the photoshopping.

POSTSCRIPT Tues 12:18: Yes, this is the very same Mohammed Shafiq who buddied up to Sir Cyril, was marginalised by Paul Rowen and David Hennigan, but has now it seems kissed and made up.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any evidence that the link between Whalley Range Conservatives and H-u-T exists in anything other than your overactive imagination.

Chris Paul said...

My overactive imagination? Rubbish.

Well Iain, you should ask Dave Cameron who fielded the initial concerns from Tony Lloyd MP and Caroline Spelman who received a dossier on this matter having had the matter delegated to her.

Ask them straight and report back please. There is no reason for anyone to send evidence direct to you now is there?

Clearly Faraz denies everything. On this and other unappalling aspects of his activity. He would.

He even says there has been no contact between himself and the centre on the matter. I find that very hard indeed to believe.

And young Hussain is even more unreliable, if that's possible.

The HuT material, which was distributed alongside bland Tory smudgies and by the same hands, suggested that the Quran was to be banned and included a picture of Gordon Brown with George Bush by way of a party political smear.

Now you are a PPC - congratulations, possibly double act with O'Neill Snr I hear? - you may be given a higher security clearance ... or you might be told to let it lie.

Though I cannot guarantee it will not be going away in any hurry.

Meanwhile any comment on Donal's brand of community relations and glass house artillery?

Anonymous said...

Is FB still denying the aviation viewing park incident withe the coppers and the indecency?

Chris Paul said...

When I saw him at the transport debate at Parrs Wood he denied everything about everything. I think I blogged that?

Anonymous said...

Indecency with police officers?