Sunday, January 11, 2009

Propaganda: Tory Blaney is a Right Wing Islamophobic Loon

Donal Blaney (right, photo-composite for illustration only) really is a charmer isn't he? He's had another Attack of the Trots of the verbal variety. This time mistaking or deliberately conflating all kinds of shards of left and right wing lunacy getting carried away, violent and criminal ... after a largely civilised and well-ordered and catholic demonstration of solidarity with the people of Gaza ... as the "Socialist Workers Party" and "dominated by leftists, anti-semites, anarchists, jihadists and dipshits".

Even the police say the numbers were 20,000 peaceniks and around 200 riotniks respectively. The SWP's 2,000 let's say (their total membership!) may have been 2% to 10% of the whole. They will incidentally have borne the brunt of the stewarding and organising too. They will have exercised some discipline over the placards and behaviour and chanting and prominence of the real loons. But there will not have been significantly represented among the rioters.

These are more likely to be a handful of representatives of various ultra-loon stalinist and marxist and maoist and leninist and trotty and anarchist sects. Some people of no politics to speak of who always like a good ruck with the police. They also went to the Countryside Alliance bash. Plus some islamist hotheads of course. They didn't.

Now, no-one would claim that the SWP don't tend to simplify real world matters to abstraction in an almost child-like way, or that there may not be the odd anti-semite ultra lurking in their modest cadre, but they have a heart-of-gold and are pretty much wishy-washy liberals all told.

They are not anti-semites. And the other 18,000 (police), or 98,000 (StWC) demonstrators must not be smeared by right wing Conservative hothead Blaney so lazily as anti-semites. What dissembling propaganda this is.

As Brian Eno told Radio Five on Friday the feeling in this country about the at best disproportionate military strikes on Gaza is not based on religion, faith or culture. It is based on species consciousness.

Blaney has showed what a tosser, a propagandist and a stranger to truth he - and all the other nasty old school right wing Tories are. By illustrating his ill-judged, ignorant and libellous rant which cannot even distinguish between strands of Hamas, never mind the London liberati, with a picture of an ancient protest about cartoons (left). Juxtaposition. Conflation. Smearage. Hate. And, naturally, carte blanche to friends for their slaughter. Perhaps he wanted to hang nice Mr Mandela too?

Tell us Donal. Should the State of Israel stop the ill-disciplined and/or careless carnage when they have killed exactly 1,000 Palestinians to avenge the one killed by a crude home made rocket? Is that it? And why are you trying to shut down legitimate protest by smearing participants in this way?

Of course it may be that Blaney is the type of embarrassing crackpot that the lovely cuddly nu tories are worrying their little cotton pop socks about?

MAIN ILLUSTRATION: Donal Blaney has been superimposed by way of juxtaposition on a picture of a Nazi flag liberated by American forces and signed by POWs. This illustrates the idea of "juxtaposition" but does not imply that Mr Blaney is either a Nazi or a liberator of POW camps near Moosburg, Germany. He is a high Tory and a trainer of the Tory Yoof.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, it comes to something when even a rightist like myself acknowledges Chris Paul has somewhat got a good shot in at Donal Blaney. The man really is a cretin of the highest order.

PS Don't sully High Toryism by associating no-mark vulgar poujadist petit bourgeois like that with it.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers anonymous