Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sir Cyril Smith MBE: Rivals For "Most Skeletons in Closet"?

Iain asks who is the oldest surviving ex-MP from each party and others have extended this to ex-PMs wives. How about extending this to the ex-MP with the most skeletons in his cupboards? I nominate "Sir" Cyril Smith MBE who has surely had to have his already oversized walk-in cupboards extended to provide room for all his dirty secrets.

Above in his Ne'er-Do-Well tabard.

Here's Rochdale RAW - Rochdale Alternative Website - in homage to RAP - Rochdale Alternative Paper. And here's Mister Cyril's homage Facebook Group calling for Sir Cyril to be demoted in disgrace.

Early doors RAW had a link to a lovely story on Rochdale Online. This describes how local ne'er-do-wells will soon be identified by day-glo tabards ... and was the inspiration for the fat tab for the fat crock.


Anonymous said...

Are you accepting nominations for PPCs and the number of skeletons in their various cupboards?

Chris Paul said...

I don't know. Am I PUP?

Not if they're in the form of XY and JK are the PPCs with the most skeletons in their cupboards. With arguments or described skeletons you are willing and able to stand up in court then yes I'll consider it. But certainly not from the anonymous, PUPs or otherwise. But try me. And use your own name. You promised that you always do, remember?

In the case of Sir Cyril Smith MBE the skeletons include:

1. Having speeches written for him by a polluting, killing industrial concern and delivering them almost verbatim. And to this day denying the lethal force of the stuff or that he was wrong to be a puppet;

2. Abusing his power on t'committee of a lodgings for young workers to physically chastise them under threat of police action. "Only smacking a few bare bottoms" as party leader put it. OWTTE.

3. Chivvying the legal system to speed up the trial of Stefan Kiszko with newspaper grandstanding. Calling for him to be hung too. Leading to defence barrister David Waddington - also involved in the asbestos debate and in the East Lancs brethren - to cock up.

And there's loads more on the old crock now isn't there? You know that don't you? And those covering for him and making excuses and hailing his name are just as culpable.

What've you got? If you have particular PPCs in mind and evidence get to it.

Anonymous said...

As I've made but a single post, I can't imagine that I've ever promised you anything. But I'm sure that you can imagine it.

As for backing up any allegations! It seems I won't need to. Your comrades in Rochdale Labour Party appear to be willing to do that for themselves.

Indeed, your esteemed powers of diploamcy and even-handedness are much in demand in the ranks of the factional Rochdale CLP at the moment. And yet you have not so far made any reference to all these intrigues, plots, allegations, counter allegations and basic all-round thuggery.

Anonymous said...

You are Dave Hennigan and I claim the £10.

Anonymous said...

Is there really £10 for every anonymous post that can be identified?

You owe me £1860, Chris.

Chris Paul said...

"PUP" is obviously Hennigan or one of his Stepford wives. "GAG" -> twit too.

I think we can perhaps agree that whichever party you may be involved in that Rochdale can be a strange place to do business. Something in the water perhaps?

We might also agree that Sir Cyril Smith MBE is competing nationally and internationally on the skeletons in closets matrix. Not just in Rochdale MBC.

And that Mr Hennigan and his clowns including Rowen and Power are way out there when it comes to RMBC.

Anonymous said...

If you hadn't noticed, all the allegations that are being made about the Labour Party in Rochdale are coming from the Labour Parfy in Rochdale. Does that give you a clue?

So I am not Hennigan or one of his wives.

Disapponted that you see fit not to mention any of Labour's dirty washing. And with all your knowledge of Rochdale! What a complete tribalist you are.

Chris Paul said...

I hadn't noticed that PUP. I had noticed that some were coming from LP factions and fractions and feckwits and some were coming from LD factions and fractions and feckwits and in particular Dave Henniagn and his Stepford wives and sock puppets.

Why don't you just say who you are? Stop being some bloody cowardly.

Simon Danczuk has faced down his critics and attempted to pre-empt the filthy gutter snipe Hennigan's ongoing smear campaign.

But this is not the sort of balanced reporting that you find at the Rochdale Observer (ahem), South Manchester Reporter (ahem), and Manchester Evening News (ahem). This is some bloke's blog. Some bloke who supports Labour's blog.

Why on earth would I run unsubstantiated nonsense of your choosing rather than careful research and exposes on the opposition? You get your own blog going, whoever you are.

If you are Labour as you imply and as I do not believe I should get on with getting your man elected and stop your defamatory insinuations.

Discipline, comrade, discipline.

Obviously if you are a Lib Dem or a Tory you can just get in with being all over the place.

Anonymous said...

You SHOULD run unsubstantiated nonsense because that's what you are for and because most of it seems to be coming from political and personal friends of yours. I can't see any of it that has come from any Lib Dem.

Having read through this and other threads, I can't see any defamatory insinuations. What can you mean!

And from the very story that you refer to, the Labour PPC says about his own seat "Rochdale has a national reputation for being a difficult constituency Labour party. They can be quite bullying."

Substantiated? No. Defamatory? Probably. Discipline. No. Comradely. Definitely not.

As for your so-called careful research. That seems to consist entirely of reading other people's blogs and mangling them beyond belief to fit your one-eyed world.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Of course the remarks about Rochdale CLP are substantiated you moron. Look at its recent history and you will see they were suspended for all sorts of shenanigans in the past.

Nonetheless, a few militant idiots is nothing in comparison to the Lib Dems. Convicted sex offenders like John Heyworth being made chairman of Heywood and Middleton Lib Dems, councillors like Denis Whittle showing pornography to police officers, bribes and corruption every which way you look. Ugly isn't the word.

Anonymous said...

And there's more.

A convicted thug is elected first as a Labour PPC and then Labour Group Leader. In the full knowledge of this, the Conservative Group (led by full-time cretin, Ian Duckworth) enter into a coalition with thug-led Labour - with hilarious/disastrous consequences!

PS You should also have a look at the Electoral Commission details for donations emanating locally to the Conservative Party Central Office. Very interesting.

Chris Paul said...

Come on GAG and PUP ... take a deep breath and say who you are and where you're coming from before you throw your wild allegations about. Others like HIAF may then follow your lead. All this anonymity and wreckless assertion is lowering the tone of this minutely assiduous in seeking for truth blog of mine.

Anonymous said...

sounds as though GAG's reference to a 'convicted thug' is in relation to a private procecution by an aggrieved Lib Dem. Very butch especially from a big lad who towered over sparing partner. The stuff of the playground.

As for proper public prosecutions, when was the criminal conviction a certain Lib Dem got for having sex with an under age girl?

Who was this fine public figure and upholder of Lib Dem standards and traditional values?

When was he convicted and what was the sentence?

Where is he now?
Is he a reformed character?