Friday, February 27, 2009

And Another Thing: Tom Harris Teases Tories on Polls

And another thing. Tom Harris MP is busy teasing Tories about their piffling and declining YouGov poll lead. 10%, down 1% since last month. Despite catastrophic world background. The Tories are not cutting through or convincing anyone they could be a potential crisis government.

They are rattling off a mantra of vacuous feel good quackery instead. And there's every chance of a poor performance in the Euros with the double whammy of external and internal factors undermining performance:

Externally they have the far right threat galvanising progressive voters to get out and vote Green, Red or Yellow. While UKIP are likely to rebound from nowhere to somewhere on their single issue. Tories are soft on Europe after all. Particularly with Ken Clarke back at the helm of the good ship Tory financial policy. Let's face it Goo may think he's a man ... but he's only a boy.

[close your eyes aside]Couple of thought experiments spring to mind. First off just try to imagine Ken Clarke talking over a jazz, (nice!!) remix of the tune. Can you do that? If I had the time and the skills I'd make the video right now! With GOO and Cam of course believing they are the over-confident, under-performing "boy" of the lyric. they're so vain! Being told to take the high road. And shut the door behind him. And don't come back.[/aside]

Internally the combination of sleaze buckets like the coastal town clowns Dover and Chichester (and don't forget Conwy) presumably all moving over, under their dark clouds of money-grubbing corruption, plus dis-satisfaction at women (and Lib Dem defective Sajjad Karim) bumping "too far" up their lists as a result.

Bad results in the Euros plus continued lack of credibility should get us back to "all to play for" in time for the General Election run in. There is even still a faint possibility of Gordon calling a snap "confidence" election alongside Euros in June 2009.

If UKIP and the BNP are ready with parliamentary candidates; And with Tory sleaze stories at Euro level polluting the brand at national level; And with a financial industry crisis Cameron isn't trusted to fix still waxing rather than waning; A very bold move indeed for Brown's Labour.


Anonymous said...

Chichester looks like Divine and Cameron like Waters.

Anonymous said...

stuff and nonesense.
labour are not going to win the next election, the only speculation is going to be how badly they will do .
you are as delusional as some tories were back in 96